Comparing Air Cargo with Sea Cargo

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Comparing Air Cargo with Sea Cargo | 5 Facts You Probably Did Not Know

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of article on the internet, comparing air cargo with sea cargo. However, most of them are provided by the courier companies. And as a surprise to no one, there are certain things that they’re hiding from you in these comparisons. However, this is the article to reveal all the mysteries behind these transportation methods.


Ocean Freight Is Not Always the Cheapest Way

Comparing air and sea freight costs can be confusing. That’s because the ocean forwarders seem to be offering a much more cost-effective bill than the airways. But do you have to fall for that?

Airways are worthwhile couriers when the volumetric weightLinks to an external site. of your goods is not much. The rule of thumb is to ship payloads via airplanes when the transportation fees are less than fifteen percent of cargo’s value.


Sea Cargo Might Not be as Safe as It Sounds

Oceans are not always safe. Some companies don’t want you to know that. But sea cargoLinks to an external site. —especially in longer routes—can damage your products. That’s primarily because of the waves, which hits the ships throughout the transportation and shake the containers or some heavy shipment put on your box inside container.

So, if safety is a concern, deliver the merchandise through airports.


Your Goods Are Sometimes Reloaded

Vessels stop in several ports before reaching the final destination. However, some companies opt to utilize different ships for one delivery. That is, they transfer the containers of a particular ship to another at a seaport.

So, by choosing some ocean freightsLinks to an external site., your accepting the risk of a possible load and unload.

Airplanes, on the other hand, do not load again throughout their trip no matter how many times they land before the ending point.


There Is No Infinite Courier Capacity

Both vessels and aircraft have specific limits when it comes to maximum capacity. But it’s safe to say that sea shipping are much more convenient for larger shipments.

They offer more room for a lower price. That’s why most manufacturers prefer ocean cargoes to deliver their large-scale products.

Air freights have very restricted capacities. So, they seem to be a better choice for small-sized goods of higher values.


Comparing Air CargoLinks to an external site. with Sea Cargo Can Save Nature

Vessels are environment-friendly crafts and harm nature less than aircraft. So, if you’re a conservative business owner, delivering goods through seas is the best bet.

According to the State of Global Air reportLinks to an external site., the world’s atmosphere is much more polluted than before. So, it’s best to avoid aircraft for shipments to help purify our planet’s sky.


Which One Is Better?

It depends. There is no ultimate way as both these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can only figure out the finest transfer technique after analyzing the products you’re about to send. Figuring out what your needs are as well as getting to know the nature of each specific cargoLinks to an external site. can help you choose the right courier and transfer procedure.


What Do I Do Now?

Comparing air cargo and sea cargo facts confuse you? If yes, contact usLinks to an external site. right now, and let our experts lend a hand. We can inspect your payloads and products to determine the best transportation method for you. Plus, we offer customized packagingLinks to an external site. and labeling service, too. So, you will be able to create the most reliable shipment with a high-quality pack that can resist long-distance routes in the sky and on the waters.

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