Best Exfoliators to Buy From OroGold Cosmetics

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Exfoliation is the key to achieving glowy and youthful skin. It is believed to be the best way of getting rid of dead skin cells, oils, makeup products, and other nasty substances sitting on your skin. Despite these amazing benefits, over-exfoliation can do your skin more harm than good. That’s why OroGold Cosmetics vouch for exfoliators that are formulated with gentle ingredients—they slough away the dead skin cells while maintaining your skin’s moisture balance. This implies that your skin will never be at risk of microscopic tears that may impair the lipid barrier.

Here is a quick overview of the best exfoliators that OroGold Cosmetics has to offer:

  1. 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep-Peeling Solution

If you are after transparent and nothing but high-quality, hard-working exfoliation ingredients, then the best exfoliator from OroGold Cosmetics that you should go for is the 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep-Peeling exfoliator. OroGold Cosmetics didn’t lie when they promised their customers that this product will give them brighter and smoother skin. It is formulated with bamboo stem extract, Mandelic acid, and vitamin C to gently polish your skin without the worry of harsh scrubs. Using this exfoliator will leave your skin feeling luminous, youthful, and refreshed.

  1. 24K Sir Magma Peel 

If you have a sensitive skin, you may be reluctant to try new peeling solutions. This is understandable because nobody wants to damage their skins with phony exfoliators. This peeling solution from OroGold Cosmetics, however, is perfect for people whose skins are slightly too dry and quite sensitive to harsh scrubs or strong acids. Formulated with Retinyl Palmitate to help absorb excess oil as well as Volcanic Water, Phenoxyethanol, and Ethylhexylglycerin to gently exfoliate, this non-irritating exfoliator will leave your skin looking brighter and plump. You will always feel fresh and rejuvenated immediately after using it. 

  1.  24K Cryogenic Diamond Gommage

If you are looking for instant results, this exfoliator is as close to ‘miracle worker’ as you will get. It may come at a higher price point, but you will realize that you only need to use it once a week to reap its rewards. Infused with green tea extracts, coconut oil, and chamomile extract, this exfoliator will help you get rid of excess oil and debris from your skin, leaving it feeling renewed and brightened.

  1.  24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Exfoliator + Mandelic Acid 

The fact that this unique exfoliating gel contains bamboo stem (an extract with amazing softening and soothing properties), vitamin C and Mandelic acid implies that it can be effective on most sensitive skins. It helps you gently exfoliate your skin, leaving it feeling soft and refreshed. If you are looking for a fancy peeling solution with a difference, this is the best product from OroGold Cosmetics to go for. Simply apply it onto your cleansed skin and rub it gently in a circular motion. Rinse with cool water.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to enjoy the soothing benefits of exfoliators on a daily basis, consider buying any of the above-highlighted exfoliators from OroGold Cosmetics. They are all formulated with gentle ingredients, making them perfect for everyday use.

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