Best Online Tools When Looking to Buy a House

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Buying a home can feel overwhelming. With so many ways to find a house, it’s easy to get caught up in the details. That’s why using a real estate app and other online resources is helpful. Here are some of the best online tools to use during the process. Purchasing a home is a massive undertaking that will most likely be one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make. If you plan on spending six figures on something, you want to be as prepared as possible, and use all the tools at your disposal.

Fortunately, there are a variety of apps available that can assist you in finding the right home at the best price. Here are some of the key online tools, and why you’ll want to consider using them, when you’re looking at buying a home.

Why should you use online tools when buying a home?

Years ago, you might have scanned the classified ads in order to find the right home. But now, like most things, there’s an online app for that.

Online real estate websites and tools provide a convenient way to be kept in the loop in real time about houses that come on the market that meet your specific criteria, so you’re able to set up a viewing or make an offer as quickly as possible. Also, with most real estate agencies and home sellers also utilizing online apps, not using them might end up costing you the house of your dreams.

The best online tools to use to buy a home

There are a ton of real estate apps out there, but not all of them have the qualities to help you in your search for the perfect home. After using to learn what you can afford, try one of these apps to take the next step in the home buying process.

Here are a few of the best apps out there and their benefits (as a bonus, they’re all free to download for iOS, Android and desktop).


When looking for a home, location and neighbourhood are vital elements in the decision-making process. That’s where the app Trulia thrives. It does the standard job of looking for homes that check all the boxes on your list, but its main focus is that of being a neighbourhood know-it-all. It features comprehensive neighbourhood information to not only find a house you’ll feel comfortable in, but the right neighbourhood too.


This app isn’t only beneficial to help you find a home, but it’s also incredibly fun to use. It involves you taking photos of homes for sale as you walk or drive by them, and those photos unlock all of the information you need to know about the property. You can find out the sales history of the home, interior features, market information and investment potential all with the quick snap of a few photos of the property. These pictures, and the data they provide, can then be shared with your family, realtor or anyone else in real time as well.


Not only has Zillow been around for awhile, it’s also one of the highest-rated real estate apps available. Its main focus is using algorithms to determine home values. You can use it to filter and view homes based on a price, size, school district and available amenities. It will also alert you when the price drops on a property that you’re watching.


Dwellr is a hub of information for statistics on numerous cities and neighbourhoods. But where it differs from other apps, such as Trulia, is that it analyzes census-oriented information that has been taken from a particular area. It then takes your preferences and cross-references the info it has to create a list of the potential relocation areas that would best suit your lifestyle.

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