Jilliahsmen Trinity prohibit the re-sale of JILLIAH copyright merchandise at schools

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Jilliahsmen Trinity has issued the university with a confirmation to our inquiry that all merchandise
including books, music, toys, concert tour tickets & original clothing pieces belonging to or of
JILLIAH are not authorised for re-sale by the company at the campus. It is further irrelevant that
the items may have been purchased for free offerings by students to propel the enlistment of the
Jilliahsmen Trinity fellowship. This can no longer take physically place on campus. Please refer to
the official website for alternate means of buying or supplying fellow students with any such

Reminder for fans of Jilliahsmen Trinity and students nationwide, this company is strictly
transparent with its dwelling as an entertainment organisation and no such verbiage or
connotations thereof should be construed as a social or political movement of any kind.
Jilliahsmen Trinity is a Book Film Music & Toy franchise of fictitious art having become of notoriety
from JILLIAH’s popular world tour rock concerts.

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