9 Leading Countries for Aviation Studies

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One of the things we can be sure about is that a career in aviation is pretty futureproof. People like to travel, and our skies have got busier. There are so many different roles within the profession you have plenty of chances to shine in your own field. From aviation management, air-traffic control, maintenance, flight attendants, pilots and more. Aviation is a very fulfilling career, so it should come as no surprise that it is a highly demanding subject to study in many countries. It is a challenging field which is fast paced and exciting, and the fact that it is a future proof industry means you are offered job security for life. When it comes to studying aviation there are so many different programs available across the globe you are certainly not short of choices. Here are the nine top countries providing aviation courses in no particular order. Studying with any of these institutions will offer you a fantastic education and access to the career of your dreams.

  1. United Kingdom

The aviation history within the United Kingdom is wide and varied, it also plays home to the RAF or the Royal Air Force which celebrated 100 years in 2018 making it the oldest independent air force in the world. Within the UK there are several amazing aviation schools just waiting for your application. Newcastle College has two different aviation courses, a degree in aircraft engineering and a degree in airline and airport management. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy is a world-class facility that has locations across the globe including their main Oxford campus.

  1. The Philippines

Renowned across the globe for their world-class facilities there are many courses within the Philippines that are perfect for a career in aviation. The standard of entry is incredibly high, and the education is amazing leading to a 90 to 100% first-time pass rate. The climate is on their side, as they have long daylight hours, and the perfect weather for free flying and aviation in general.

  1. United States of America

Considered to be the birthplace of aviation, it comes as no surprise that the USA has a wide range of amazing venues for aviation studies. San Diego Flight Training International is based at Montgomery Field Airport, and offers the perfect location with some challenging airspace, amazing climate and terrain meaning pilots are worked constantly on a daily basis. Alternatively, the Epic Flight Academy based in Florida at New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport offers amazing courses that line-up perfectly with the most recognised Civil Aviation Authorities in the world and attract students from many different countries.

  1. Greece 

Another location that can take advantage of the amazing weather, the country is packed with aviation enthusiasts and students alike. They have world-class programs in aircraft maintenance, pilot training, and aircraft sales training. The three main colleges are Global Aviation, the Skies Aviation Academy, and the Olympus Aviation Academy. All of these attract high calibre candidates and produce some outstanding qualified students within their field.

  1. Spain

Spain has an ILS category one airport, and that plays home to FlyBySchool which is able to take advantage of the full airport facilities. Located in Lyon it also offers access to 3 flight simulators which are being upgraded all of the time. It is a highly accessible location with high-speed train and direct flights from many other countries making it a popular choice for many students. The main FlyBySchool’s integrated APL program also affords graduates access to a wide network of contacts within the industry.

  1. Kenya 

It might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think about flight courses, but the Kenya School of Flying which is based at Nairobi’s Wilson Airport actually has a high reputation and a highly respectable pass rate. They also use a combination of flight simulators and real aircraft, to ensure their pilots are prepared for any situation that may face them once they are qualified. They were the first school within Africa to purchase the Redbird FMX simulator which is a state of the artful motion full vision twin engine training device.

  1. Netherlands 

The training program is run in partnership with AIS Airlines, and the AIS Flight Academy offers a comprehensive 22 month program which offers a well balanced mix of both practical and theory training ensuring their cadets come out of the program highly qualified to handle any situations that may face them as pilots. Students from Belgium or Holland are eligible to apply for their funding, although this is not on offer to students and other countries, they are able to provide support for free visas to anyone else.

  1. Sri Lanka 

There is only one flying school within Sri Lanka, however it is certainly a good one. Found at Ratmalana Airport, which is in Columbia, the program is comprehensive and attracts students from all over the world. It is fair to say that most students applying to such programs have a desire to see the world so enjoy the opportunity to train in a country that is not their own. They offer a well-rounded education in aviation and many of their graduates find work at some of the most prominent locations across the globe.

  1. Maldives 

Another glamorous getaway nestled in the Maldives Archipelago the Asian Academy of Aeronautics is a fantastic setting for education to take place. They offer several programs including a Private Pilot’s License, Flight Instructor Course, Commercial Pilot’s License and Multi-Engine Rating. There is something truly magical about flying over these amazing crystal-clear blue waters as you train, and the students have a truly unique experience setting them up for life.

Of course, there are many other facilities all over the globe that offer high standards of aviation training. It is natural to want to see the world, so it is worth exploring them all and finding one in the location that appeals to you most. Some students prefer to stay near their home and explore at a later date and of course many of the facilities will also offer postgraduate education and ongoing learning.

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