Can Cats Have Down syndrome? - Clear the Doubts Knowing the Details

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Cats are too cute by nature as well as by the look, which makes them one of the most loved animals and furry friends of human beings the same as the dogs. Undoubtedly, a cat’s innocent look, cute paw, and meowing overwhelm anyone’s heart. But, there are so many cat owners, who worry about the physical appearance and the behavior of their pets. Many people believe that like human cats also can have Down syndrome, and the reason behind it is their weird shape, size, and attitude. But, can cats have Down syndrome? People should know the answer first.

You may hear of the cat named Maya, who supposed to have Down syndrome, as people considered. But, first of all, you must know that is it possible for cats to acquired Down syndrome? Cats can inherit chromosomal abnormality, which results in many physical and behavioral flaws. But, but the Down syndrome, is not possible to receive. Why? Here is the answer.

Well, let you know the details of Down syndrome, and why cats cannot have such a genetic disorder? Down syndrome is an inborn disease for the human being, which causes the deformation of chromosome number 21. Chromosomes are the powerhouse of nucleic acids, which causes functional activities and appearance. In the human body, the chromosome sets are 23, but when the 21-number chromosome set causes three numbers instead of two due to genetic mutation, Down syndrome appears. But, cats only have 19-sets of the chromosome, so it is not possible to get such genetic in-abnormality like a human. But, it does not mean that genetic deformation never occurs in fur babies. They also can inherit some Down syndrome like inborn diseases due to biological peculiarity during genetic material like DNA and RNA transformation. 

Some details of cats’ Down syndrome-like disease

Congenital disorder in the cat is concerning, but most of the time, the owner cannot get the signs, at the primary stage. So, you should consult with the vet without getting late whenever you notice the below-listed symptoms:

  • Unusual wide eyes
  • Loss of hearing
  • Flat nose
  • Weak muscle tone
  • Uncoordinated walk
  • Motor dysfunction
  • Weak heart 
  • Unexpected saddened face
  • Inappropriate vision
  • Strange behavior
  • Upturned eyes 

The symptoms cause genetic in-abnormality in your furry friends, which is not possible to cure completely, but the improvement in behavior is possible through constant treatment.

Down syndrome occurred in a human being due to wrongful genetic alteration, but how can cats have Down syndrome like congenital health issues? There are some reasons behind, which noted down here, such as:

  • Inbreeding issues like when the siblings or inter-related male-female performs intercourses
  • Kittens receive congenital deformities when a mother gets toxin exposures, affecting the neurological system
  • Kittens got genetic or nervous system defects due to head injury or face trauma 
  • Infections also cause genetic deformation in kittens

So, now you are aware of a cat’s congenital disease like Down syndrome. Contact with a recognized vet if any such issues occur in your furry friend, and let them get back into a joyful life.

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