How to Choose Matches for Bets

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At the same time, we can understand the subtlety of several sports - like a lot of practice, but another question arises here: that of knowing the opponents. What style of play does the club recommend? What are the strengths, strengths or weaknesses of a certain athlete?

Does such and such a protagonist have psychological or physical problems? how is the team strength at the moment? It is necessary to reduce the number of matches of potential bets, those in which the players and teams you know participate. Do not blindly bet on the favorites - it is a mistake, do not pay attention to the coefficients.

The Coefficients

The ideal option is to select a bet without consulting the event coupon. This approach is used to ensure that the coefficients offered by the bookie do not mislead you. Sometimes they reflect the real odds, but it is not important, you have to make your own analysis because by seeing the coefficients for the event, you directly define them as the favorites in the analysis of the match. And that influences your forecast, and therefore it may turn out to be wrong.

The Importance of the Sporting Event, the Level of the Tournament

First of all, it is desirable to reduce the number of bets for friendly matches and secondary tournaments, if you do not have exclusive information. In football, friendlies are an opportunity for testing, and the development of different tactical schemes by coaches, testing new footballers, some players trying their hand at unusual roles. In other sports games, the situation is the same.

In tennis exhibition matches, there are sometimes those cases where people refuse to bet because it is only a big circus in their eyes and not a match. The more prestigious and significant the tournament, the more it is suitable for sports betting (토토). Motivation and desire will be almost present.

make an effort not to make bets at the start of the season. Watch the first rounds of the championship, then come into play. In the same way, act at the end of the season. It is not forbidden to bet, but you have to take into account that some have already solved the tasks, and others are still in the process.

The Markets, the Number of Options in the Grid

Suppose, you wish to bet on a team "A" against a team "B". "B" players always fight to the end, very uncompromising. Look at the grid of the event, and in place of Team A's own victory, opt for the Asian handicap -0.25. The coefficient will be lower, however, you take less risk by insuring yourself.

You can do the opposite. When you are sure of the victory of "A", but you that the coefficient for this outcome does not suit you, then choose the negative handicap for a more attractive coefficient. Get the most out of your analysis!

The Other Factors

Several other factors can influence the choice of a match? For example, your sympathy for a team or an athlete. One of the basic rules of most bettors is to not bet on your favorite teams. Indeed, a more objective approach to the subject would be the most appropriate, and sympathy may interfere with the adequate analysis.

Do not ignore the importance of competition for clubs or for players. When we talk about famous derbies it is not limited only to football. In many sportive, collective and even individual disciplines, there are inveterate rivals, between whom there are clashes every year. Sometimes this makes a selection of bets more difficult and sometimes simplifies it.

While the match is going on, you need to know what's going on in that match. Live betting has both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is important to use the advantages and get away from the disadvantages as much as possible. Another important thing, arrange to watch the meeting in real-time, or in the worst case look at the statistics of this particular confrontation. The main thing is, not making a blind choice is bad for long-term profit.


The betting selection process should be based on your knowledge and abilities. However it is impossible to select events and be completely objective and precise, but if you systematize this process, you can considerably increase the efficiency of your bets. Don't let the coefficients guide you. Trust yourself, in your analysis and in your knowledge. Good luck to everyone!

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