Marathon of Doublelist Meetups

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No sooner had I settled into my new apartment when suddenly my dating profiles felt like they were on steroids!

Averaging 3-5 new inquiries a day between POF and Doublelist has become exhausting to keep up with. Is there something in the dating water? Who let open these flood gates of men!? I’m merely one single chick just getting acclimated to this whole scene.

doublelist tampa

doublelist stl

doublelist denver

doublelist san antonio

doublelist raleigh

doublelist nj

doublelist phoenix

doublelist chicago

doublelist los angeles

doublelist pittsburgh

I’ve been taking a new approach and rather then spending time exchanging emails, texts and phone calls I’m jumping in full force and going straight to the “Coffee Date”.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not taking every guy up on his offer to meet… I still have to weed them out a bit.

So far in the month of November I have been on 5 first dates. There was Hot-Rod – the lives at home, collecting unemployment, no cell phone guy who mentioned marriage 2 too many times for me and looked much hotter in his pics. Next we met The Lawyer – Anti-Cell phone, no Internet, tri-athlete who I knew was wrong from the start, but we had such great banter from the start that we rushed to meet, but on our second date it became apparent that he was just looking for something casual and with an hour & half distance between us, I can’t see how it will work. Then along comes Dr Seuss – who seems a little anxious, but totally overlook-able considering he is a massage therapist and how desperately I need one of them in my life… at the end of the first date he offers to get us a room so I can get my massage, which I declined, followed by an offer to go out to his van where his seats fold down AND he’s got tinted windows! Really!????

Not the best run, but I’ve now found myself interested in two men on opposite sides of the spectrum -  Mo-Mo is older, has a very good job, drives a super sexy car and just purchased a new home. The Boy is 11 years younger, still in college, just lost his job and lives at home.  While Mo-Mo is handsome and stylish he is not the kind of guy I have ever been attracted to and I fear that I am being superficial and letting his accomplishments influence my interest in him.

The boy is very much the type of guy I go for, but the age is an underlying issue for me. He reassures me it’s not a big deal and I know that as long as two people are happy it shouldn’t matter what age they are or what people outside of the relationship might think… but I’m already worried about the what if – I have to meet his family, I want him to meet mine?

So now is the question… what am I really looking to gain here? Am I looking for a boyfriend? Occasional dates? Can I continue to date and juggle with out feeling like I am being unfair or instilling false hopes in these guys? And why does it bother me so much to let a guy pay? I always feel weird about when the check comes, despite whether I want to see the guy again, am I supposed to offer to pitch in or leave a tip?

Still so much to learn about dating and honestly, I think it’s driving me to  find a boyfriend so I don’t have to deal with it any more. I like that security, I want the monogamy.

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