How This 22-Year-Old College Drop Out Built One Of The Fastest Growing Companies

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To become successful in life and business, the best advice is to learn from people who have already accomplished what you’re goals and desires are.

High-performance people all around the world agree on this. Your success is in relation to the success of your coach or mentor. The more successful you're friends and circle are, the more will you achieve, because of subconscious adaption, pressure, and advice. It's not a secret that CEOs pay Tony Robbins over one million dollars a year – for a one on one mentorship program.

But the question remains, what makes a good coach, or a supporting mentor? It's not that they got lucky. They learned everything in their respective markets and overcame obstacles. They didn't give up when problems occurred and stood up after they made mistakes. They learned from the best and changed their old behaviors into new ones that suited their lifestyle. They looked at their list of bad habits and asked themself om how can I alter them so that they're not as harmful. Most importantly, they made their dreams into plans, kept visualizing the outcome and put things into action.

Last month I had the luck of running into a Millenial who has his unique claim to success. He’s a 22-year-old who dropped out of college and built one oft he fastest growing companies in Germany.

Meet Pascal Wodrich, the founder of, a sustainable marketing agency on track to be one of the fastest-growing companies in history. MidasTouched is on a mission to make marketing and lead generation accessible and affordable to everyone. The next Goals are to help over 10.000 SMEs and built a donation organization for education.

In his new book, Wodrich gives Insights into how he was able to achieve all this in a short amount of time. He shows where he learns from and which ancient secrets and wisdom he used to become successful.

1. Thoughts become Reality

„All of the ancient civilizations like the Egyptians already knew it“, says Wodrich. You need to be very aware of what you're thinking, because your thoughts stir your actions. Your subconscious determines if you will actually do the work to fulfill your dreams and reach the goals, or if you will bullshit yourself with excuses – because deep down you didn't believe in it or in yourself or thought you wasn't worthy of becoming rich.

2. Learn from Mistakes. The most successful people made the most mistakes, said the legendary Ceo of IBM. Wodrich confesses that he also made many mistakes, Like, in all Start-Ups, he broke up with business partners and faced tough times. Wodrich says: When most people hear a different opinion they immediately go in defense mode. The same thing happens when they see a problem. Instead, we need to ask ourselves, what did I wrong in this case, what can I learn from this person, what does this person know, that I don't know? That way we can learn way faster and shed our old thoughts, and also solve problems. Because the reality is, there are no mistakes and problems. We just look at it as problems, but the truth is, there is no such thing, having a problem is bringing us closer to the goal.

3. Never Give Up. I built many businesses over the years, and only 30% of them became a success – it's the businesses I didn't give up on. I see so many people giving up too soon and not realizing that it's just another obstacle on the way to success. But what do they do? They blame it on others, or the business isn't working, the business partner didn't do enough work, it's the economy's fault, etc. etc. How many online marketers heard the phrases: Email Marketing is dead, affiliate marketing doesn't work for me, Seo doesn't bring results, etc. Most people try something, it doesn't work and then they go to the next thing. And to the next thing, etc. But the key it's to focus on one big thing and not give up, even tho everyone tells you to give up.

4. More Positive People. You are who you hang around with. Show me your friends, I'll show you your future. We all know this. We need to force ourselves to find people who are better than we are, at least in some cases. This way, we will be forced to become better, out of multiple reasons: Our subconscious will pressure us to fit in, we get great advice and support and most importantly: We see that the next level is achievable. Once you realize that your friends make one more 0 a month than you, or he or she is in a loving relationship or is super healthy and fulfilled - but he or she is kinda on a reachable level from what he does and you can relate to them, you'll become fast in reaching the same goal.

5. Less Negative People. Wodrich advice is to follow the advice of people who are one step ahead, for example like Grant Cardone, since he also got to deal with haters in his online marketing career, - since success comes with envy. As Grant Cardone said: Haters only hate themself. And the bigger you become, the more haters you will get. GC: If they would love themself they wouldn't have anything to hate on. The truth is, haters don't create anything, they don't ask what can I do better, what did I wrong? No, everything is the other person's fault – I don't think that way, I always think that I have full responsibility, says Wodrich.

6. Pull the Trigger. Dan Pena, the 50 Billion Dollar man says; Just f do it. Instead of fooling yourself that you did something, go ahead and do it. This deals with your comfort zone and is a great sentence to close this post, so go out there and use this advice.

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