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A B2B marketplace is the place where goods are marketed. In modern-day vocabulary, the word marketplace was coined to suggest the idea of a virtual shopping center, which will work as a bridge between the buyer and the seller for the fruitful purpose of trading. B2B Marketing Agency act as a digital middleman, and the only motive it serves is to provide efficient and effective ways of high-quality demand and high-quality supply. We can term it as a website made for optimistic and welcomed transactions. 

Now, mentioning one of the famous marketplaces - B2B Marketing Agency. It is a place where brands sell bulk orders to other businesses. There are similarities between B2C and B2B Marketplaces, but some things make them different, for example, the way of transaction. B2B marketplaces only deal with payments via bank transfer. 

The usual people who take part in B2B Marketplaces are wholesalers and distributors, along with many governmental institutions. B2B marketplaces work with formalities as an instance; they have a proper contract-based agreement with terms and conditions. 

They only take bulk orders with motives like quotations, REP's, quantity discounts, and the ability to make changes in a purchase. Usually, B2B Marketplaces are not popular in the common market, which is filled with customers, but it rather plays an important role with various advantages like they have a low entry cost. B2B Marketplaces come with easy setup and no upfront investment. 

They are extremely fast and active places of action and welcome new audiences. It also has a global reach and always functions to check different markets. Some top B2B Marketplaces are: 

  • Alibaba - Alibaba can be termed as the pioneer of B2B Marketplaces and is still leading on top. It has connecting manufacturers from major countries like China, India, Thailand, etc. They are the most popular trading company with full assurance, and they guarantee a 100% refund policy too. They have assured the quality of products rising from furniture, home decor, packaging to clothes, accessories, and machinery. 
  • Amazon - Amazon is a huge brand and is nowhere less in being a B2B Marketplace too. It has 16 mega marketplaces all around the world. There is a process in which Amazon marketplace works, and it's by involving in the third part seller business. 

They allow third-party sellers to sell new or used products at a fixed price. Amazon charges its third-party seller with a referral fee, and it welcomes retailers, wholesalers, and private merchants to join hands. 

  • IndiaMart - IndiaMart, as the name suggests, is India's largest B2B Marketplaces. It serves as an extremely easy and convenient place for buyers with an opportunity to function in almost all kinds of products.

It is also popular because it functions well with the Indian economy by providing a base to the small and medium enterprises as well as individual startups. It also helps you to increase the credibility of your brand, which helps you come up with a good position.

  • TradeIndia - Tradeindia is the first-ever marketplace opened in India to suffice B2B Marketplaces globally. They are under the flagship of Infocom, and they have been functioning in this country for the longest time. The satisfaction index of the clients that paid to TradeIndia is immense and excellent. 
  • Manta - Manta is the third-largest marketplace working in the sector of B2B. The wholesome motive of this company is to promote the small industries to get the best out of this competitive era.

    They allow them to post about their organization to get buyers from all around the world so that they can be connected through each other's perspectives. They connect with the businesses directly and professionally, which they sum as the main theme of their online platform.

  • eBay - eBay was built to be a true online marketplace with peer to peer interaction. Previously it used to be an auction-style site for listing products, but now, with the advent of newer methods, it has shifted towards the concept of a fixed price. 

It has got a customized storefront, which will help you get more opportunities than any other normal marketplace. You can also test the product in the new marketplaces, which will help you with the idea of how they will be received. 

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