How to drive visitors to your ecommerce store using tried and tested SEO methods

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The ecommerce sector is becoming a more and more competitive space, and also many people see their margins are less than ever before. One of the best solutions to this nightmare is to do proper SEO

That's since the appeal of on-line shopping is expanding at a fast price.

Already 6 years ago the retail ecommerce sales exceeded 2.3 billion dollars across the globe. And it is expect to almost double 6 years later now in 2020. It's expected to be 4.2 billion in 2020, and probably much higher die to the current situation in the world with the lock downs etc. It's secure to state that customers will continue buying from ecommerce systems after the situation is changing back to more normal phases, because people have come to see how practical and convenient is is to shop online.

This information must be extremely encouraging to ecommerce brand names. With so numerous rivals across the world, you'll require to come up with methods to different yourself from the crowd if you desire to endure and also thrive.

So how do most people find a new store to buy from? We understand that 85% to 93% of consumers use Google to discover items before purchasing. Actually 80-90% of online consumers read online reviews before buying a product accordint to Blue Corona. 87% of internet users research a product online before making a purchase according to Retail Dive.

So you have to be visible in the top of Google. Why the top? Well, roughly 33% of clicks go to the leading outcome of Google's SERP. And also 75% of all clicks are made on the initial web page of search engine result.

What does this mean for you?

Generally, if your ecommerce website isn't a leading outcome when a consumer begins a product search, you won't produce new leads with organic website traffic.

How do you boost your search ranking? You need to do search engine optimization.

Adhere to the pointers I've outlined in this guide, as well as you'll have the ability to drive ecommerce sales with Search Engine Optimization methods.


You need to start with keyword research study if you want to have a successful SEO strategy.

This will certainly help you recognize the search terms that consumers type when they're looking for items you're marketing. Google Ads and Keyword Planner is a fantastic place to begin. It has also become much better than it was before.

The keyword planner tool will reveal you expressions and words connected to your products, solutions, and sector.

You'll have the ability to see exactly how regularly individuals look for these words. The outcomes will certainly additionally reveal you how the volume of these words as well as terms transform monthly.

Using this details, you'll be able to upgrade your site as necessary so it matches the most popular search terms.

These refined changes on your ecommerce website will enhance the opportunities that your pages will look like a top search engine result.

Currently you'll obtain much more natural search traffic that will inevitably aid you drive sales.


You'll need to include them to your internet site when you have your key phrases. Sure, you can include them to your product pages as well as descriptions, yet that alone won't maximize your reach. You want to include these keyword phrases in as many locations as feasible on your website.

That's why you need to include a blog site to your ecommerce site.

Research study reveals that the typical number of words on the very first page of Google results is 1,890 words. The most recent 2020 SEO case study revealed that on average the top positions of 11.8 million sites were between 1400 and 15000 words long.

I want to wager your product summaries aren't that long. That will look utterly stupid in most cases, so that's why I'm advocating having a blog post section on your ecommerce site to put the long form content.

There are lots of advantages to blogging, in addition to being an area for you to make use of keyword phrases:


Your blog site gives you the chance to produce interior web links. These web links can guide visitors to various other blog posts or to product web pages. Blogging increases the possibilities that your brand name will be able to produce backlinks. This is highly encouraged by Automated Commerce who has written a book about SEO for e-commerce sites.

Other web sites might reference or feature details from one of your posts. As a result, they'll credit you as the source with a link. The mix of these internal links and also back links will certainly enhance your natural search position. This also helps you rank according to the 2020 SEO case study by Backlinko.

Plus, these blogs will provide you an opportunity to showcase your products and services. You can supply demos or detailed guides that urge visitors to make a purchase.


More than half of all searches are at least 4 words. 15% are phrases people haven't searched before. You require to keep this in mind when you're performing keyword study, which we went over previously. Add these long-tail key phrases to your ecommerce website. Place them for your products as well as their descriptions.

Long-tail key words don't have as high of a search quantity. This means there is much less competitors from various other brands using key words for their SEO strategies. It will certainly boost the opportunities you'll be a top search outcome for these particular terms. That's why long-tail search phrases typically have greater conversion rates.

Below's an example of just how long-tail keywords work:


Making use of the instance above, allow's claim you're an ecommerce site offering shoes. You clearly have a ton of competition in this space, and you know how to choose a shoe and which shoe is best for your visitor.

Unless you're a global titan, it's not likely your site will be a top search results page for words "buying bike." Or even remotely close. However if you offer track running shoes, that's a little extra certain. The search volume for the expression will not be as high, and also your likelihood of conversions will certainly enhance a little.

Take that a person action even more, as well as add much more descriptive details. If you use "blue track running shoes for women" as a long-tail key words, you'll get to an extremely particular audience. Possibilities are, if somebody utilizes this phrase to search for the item, you'll be among the leading outcomes.

This makes the customer's life less complicated also. Instead of manually scrolling via item pages on a site to locate a certain item, they'll just search for it utilizing detailed keyword phrases. Because you're using precisely what they're trying to find, they'll be most likely to purchase from your ecommerce website.

Combine this with pre-framing people by using great customer testimonials where people say the results are spectacular and they have really seen the value in your blue track running shoes for women, and you will sell even better.

Also include a link to the product directly, or even put the add to cart button in the end of the blog post.


An easy website style will also make it easier for your visitors to browse as soon as they land on your page. This will certainly aid enhance your chances of getting much more conversions. But we'll chat more about basic layouts shortly.


More than 50% of today's traffic comes via mobile phones, so make absolutely sure that your site works excellent on mobile phones.

Maximize your website for mobile phones, it will increase your sales. Most recent statistics says that cirka 60% of all searches come from mobile devices now. It will not be a top search result if your website isn't mobile-friendly.

You need to acknowledge how people make use of smart phones, and make it super simple for people to navigate your ecommerce site and buy from it!


Boost your web page loading speed. Search engines will not penalize your ranking if your web pages take also lengthy to tons, even though many people claim that it's the truth. However, a slow ecommerce site kills conversion. So keep your site loading really quickly.


Confused people won't buy. So make your site look amazing and at the same time very simpe to navigate. Make sure people find their way to give you their money!

A complex design could be among the reasons why your site isn't loading fast. That's why sites with straightforward designs have greater conversion prices. This additionally connects to your site's architecture-- a topic I mentioned above.

Furthermore, the simpleness of your site will encourage customers to stay on the pages much longer. Google's algorithm will certainly acknowledge this and rate you appropriately. I know some don't believe this actually affects Google rankings, but it does.


You have made an ecommerce site to sell, so make sure it sells well. You need good and a lot of new visitors to come into your shop. The best traffic you can get is from Google. By adding a blog to your site you'll be able to not only tap into the traffic of people looking for specific products, but also people who are starting to be more problem aware and solution aware.

Get them into your site, and then start convincing them about what the products you sell can do for them. People want results. So show them results.

Do this, and you will most likely see your sales increasing - and your margins too.

If you need help with SEO for your ecommerce site check out Responspartner AS who has specialized in helping ecommerce owners to get a grip of this thing, and make Google work for them.

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