Buying a Gift for Your Man on 14th March

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When you love someone, you want some love from them as well. That makes you feel complete. That’s why you give something to each other and keep the spark alive. As men do on 14th February, ladies must consider celebrating a day or show some love for your guy to make him feel special.  This loving gesture will be good for your healthy relationship.

Men arrange different things to make you feel special, on Valentine’s Day -- they give you roses, gifts, and other romantic stuff.  So you should treat your man in the same way they treat you because they need love too. You can do this on 14th March and give your guy a surprise.

LoveWorks® has given you the opportunity by dedicating a day to guys and named it Guy’s Valentine’s Day.  Now you have a perfect chance to make your guy feel special and make him be the journey of love. Simple as that you are returning a favor to him.

Details about Guy’s Valentine’s Day on 14th March:

This Day has a vibrant history as it started back in 1978. In Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc., they created a day and named it “White Day.” In the USA, women are the one who gets most of the benefits on Valentine’s Day. But in most of the Asian countries, men are the main target of gifts and love from their Valentine’s admirer.

“White Day” was created so men could return the favor of those ladies who loved them and had given them gifts on Valentine’s Day. In short, it’s payback time for men. So they choose the date of 14th March for this celebration, and that’s the origin story of where the idea of Guy’s Valentine’s Day really originated.

White Day is a day for returning the love and gifts to your woman, as well as it carries some traditional culture of Asia. In Asia, it’s a tradition that if someone has given you a gift, then it’s your responsibility to return the favor. In this sense, this Day celebrates some of the Asian culture and manners because you are returning the gifts and love.

In a few countries like the Philippines, if you did not gift something to your guy or male friend on Valentine’s Day -- they will not be giving anything to you on White Day.  For White Day, it’s a universal rule that if you give something on Valentine’s Day, you get something from your guy on White Day. It’s like tit for tat.

White Day in the USA:

In most of the countries of the world, including the US, ladies think that it’s their right to get love and receive gifts from their guys, and they deserve all this attention on Valentine’s Day. So they became excited about this Day and started fantasies about it like they will get lots of love, surprises, and gifts from their men and will enjoy all the luxury they can get.

In 2018, USA TodayLinks to an external site. issued a report about Valentine Day’s spending. The results were breathtaking as the expenses on Valentine’s Day have gone up from 36 percent in 1948 to 70.32 percent in 2018. Another survey conducted by YahooLinks to an external site. in 2019 stated that the percentage of gifts bought by women was very much lower as compared to men. This research also revealed that when it comes to spending money on buy gifts on Valentine’s Day, men have purchased 5 times more women.

This trend creates a barrier in mind that Valentine’s Day is for ladies only. Some of the male groups have made a protest on this injustice. To overcome this issue, they started to celebrate Guy’s Valentine’s Day to create equality for both genders.

Origin of National Guy’s Valentine’s Day:

In 2002, A DJ on WFNX radioLinks to an external site. station, named Tom Birdsey, started talking about the controversy of Valentine’s Day. He said that this Day was supposed to celebrate equally rather than rejoicing as a women day. While continuing this argument, he started to joke about a holiday that’s only for men and how men should be loved too.

This idea from DJ Birdsey hit the people and they liked it. But they had to change the name of the day he proposed because the chosen name was inappropriate for all ages.

This idea gets so popular but in terms of a joke. People started to make memes even they released several funny videos. The thing that made this idea worse was its name. It was the biggest mistake to give a bad name for a holiday.

A Company named LoveWorks® had proposed a new name and date for this holiday. In 2016 they called it “National Guy’s Valentine’s Day” and decried its celebrated on 14th March. Most of the people appreciated their work because this name was more appropriate and family-friendly.

Need for Valentine’s Day for Men:

Men also want affection and attention as same as women. They want to be appreciated as well. For this purpose, LoveWorks® became their voice and proposed a name for the holiday, and is being accepted more and more. But in some places, it hasn’t got the attention that it should have.

Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated events around the world, but even this Day is not a public holiday. The same business routine gets through all Day. But when the working time is finished, then the time to show affection and love to your Valentine MAN starts.

14th March isn’t official holiday yet, but it is still on the internet and everywhere. People can increase their sales and profits by advertising this Day, and their business will grow.

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