Why Does Our Hair Needs Keratin?

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We all love our hair so much, don’t we? Who does not want to have smooth, shiny and strong hair? We try various methods to straighten out that frizzy hair. We take utmost care of our hair and we all know that our hair is an important part of our personality.


However, did you know that our hair is made up of the natural structural protein called the Keratin? So, if human hair is already made up of keratin, then why do we need more of them? Why do we often resort to hair treatments with keratine at home and in the saloon or parlor? Why do our hair products most often contain keratin?


The answer is we need to supplement our hair with this protein to make it healthier, and stronger. You may read a lot about the keratin treatment, with contradicting views that they are good or not so good.


At Beautified Designs, they believe that everyone can look a little better than themselves if they have access to the right kind of information about their body, what it needs, how to nurture and enhance it and how each product in the market caters to these needs.


You can read a lot of product reviews and other information such as self-care tip and tricks, beauty hacks, skin and hair care regime etc. from their website.


Some information on Keratin


Keratin, as mentioned earlier is the structural protein of our body. It is the same component that our skin and nails are also made of. It is a tough protein that is responsible for our skin and hair being water proof and not soaking up water when we get wet.


Some of the Key benefits of keratin supplements for your hair -


  • Strengthens and smoothens hair naturally as it is the natural hair component.
  • Strong smooth hair is always easier to maintain and easy to manage, so that you will never have that bad hair day.
  • Keratinized hair is easier and better for different types of styling.
  • Adds a great deal of dimension and volume to the hair
  • Hair is easier to wash and indulge in related maintenance when it is healthier.
  • You need to spend less time in hair salons and hair treatment
  • You not only save on time, but you also save your money that you would have otherwise spent on your hair care
  • You need not engage in any strenuous hair care routine to keep your hair smooth
  • If your hair is curly, it is easier to make it straight with the keratin supplement treatments and if your hair is already straight, it further straightens it out.
  • Keratin treatments are a lot better than some of the other common, but artificial hair treatments using chemicals such as hair straightening, hair smoothening using hair relaxers.



These are some reasons why Keratin is the best way to rejuvenate your dry damaged and frizzy hair. Many of them are opting for this treatment to enjoy ultra-luscious hair.

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