Chakra Colors and What You Need to Know About Them

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Chakra colors are basically broken down to seven following the order of the rainbow. These colors come in some order with each order having a meaning. Other than that, colors also come with some meanings when used with healing stones and healing techniques.

These colors come in the following: Red which is the first chakra, Orange second chakra, Yellow, third chakra, Green, the fourth chakra, Blue fifth chakra, Purple, sixth chakra and white seventh chakra.

Each one of those colors is a reflection of a type of vibration radiating through all the chakras. The colors chat is based on yogic traditions as well as a contemporary school of thought. Although there is a variation in the exact color energy center, there is an agreement on the rainbow-colored representation of the system.

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The meaning of chakra colors

 I’m pretty sure you would like to know the meaning of the 7 chakrasLinks to an external site.. If you do then that is what we are going to look at right away. Even though these colors reflect different frequencies, of light, their meaning has a relation to the function of its associated chakras.

The red color chakra has a root of the chakra. This color is a symbol of safety and nourishment from the earth's energy. Take note that during the healing process the red color may tend to donate inflammation at the physical level.

The orange color is the second chakra. This color carries with it some meaning associated with emotions creativity among other things. Other than that, the color is also associated with water flow.

The yellow color is the third chakra. This color reflects or symbolizes mental activities intellect among people and finally will.  

The green color is also known as the color of the heart. It is the fourth color of the chakra and is connected with love and compassion.

The blue color also is known as the color of the throat is also known as the color of the throat. It is the fifth color of the chakra and it reflects self-expression, expression of the truth and communication.

The purple chakra is also known as the color of the third eye chakra. The color evokes intuition, perception, and inner wisdom.

The white chakra is the color of the crown chakra. The color is associated with the universal, spiritual connection and consciousness.


There are seven chakra colors all of which are associated with the traditional chakra system. If you have anything that you need to find about the chakra system the information above will help you. The information contains everything especially about the colors and what they mean.

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