Air Purifier Buying Guide 2020

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What does an air purifier cost?

Air purifiers are available in various price ranges depending on their operating principle and the additional features. You can purchase Olansi air purifier, which you can use in the car, for example, for a low double-digit amount. Air purifiers are also available in the four-digit price range.

For a solid device that you want to use in the private sector, you should plan costs in the low to medium three-digit range. With very large rooms, however, you will not be able to avoid an air purifier for a four-digit sum. If you are reliant on a room air purifier for health reasons, the health insurer may be able to assume the costs. It is best to consult the doctor treating you in this regard.

If you choose a more expensive device, you can not only assume a longer lifespan. Expensive air purifiers sometimes work more quietly, which is particularly advantageous during nighttime operation. The more expensive devices often ensure easier usability. You should know that all HEPA air filters must meet a certain minimum standard. Basically, a good filter performance can be expected from these products if you replace the filters regularly.

What is the best location for my air purifier?

To assist your air purifier in its work, it is best to place the device near doors, heaters or windows. There is generally good air circulation in the room. Avoid direct drafts, however. Because then a lot of dirt ends up in the device. It is therefore important not to place the air purifier in a corner, but rather in the middle of the room in a location with good air circulation. In the bedroom there is a location in the half of the room where the head of your bed is also located.

When should I tur on n my air purifier?

You can assume that an operating time of 2 to 3 hours is sufficient for air purification in the entire room. Depending on the size of the room, this value may need to be adjusted up or down. If you are using an air purifier that also functions as a humidifier, you should ensure that the air humidity is not too high and switch off the device in good time. You can easily run a sufficiently quiet air purifier at night.

How often do I have to change the filters on my air purifier?

A look at the manufacturer's operating instructions is generally recommended. Most companies provide very precise information about the maximum time you can use a HEPA or activated carbon filter. However, if you live on a busy street or smoke in your apartment, this affects the filters more quickly. This shortens the life of the filter mats accordingly.

Basically, you can expect a lifespan of 6 to 24 months. By regularly checking your filter visually, you will gradually develop a sense of when it is time for a new filter. It is particularly important that you remove a worn filter from the device as soon as possible. Otherwise, the dirty filter is an ideal breeding ground for the most diverse types of germs.

How expensive are the replacement filters for my air purifier?

In your individual air purifier comparison, you may have already noticed that there are significant price differences not only for the devices themselves, but also for the filters. Activated carbon filters are available for a low double-digit sum. A new HEPA filter, on the other hand, will cost you significantly more with a high double-digit sum. Therefore, the highest possible number of supplied replacement filters in the original scope of delivery is to be welcomed from the perspective of your wallet.

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