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How to motivate yourself to play sports?

Lack of time ? Hop hop hop there is no secret, to do sport you have to organize!

The first thing you are going to do is place a small place in your agenda, and let's face it, we have time for what we want and there what you want is your well-being . So we block a niche hop, busy, we don't talk about it anymore!

Good great, now what? You will ask yourself these questions to understand which sport suits you best: 

- I prefer to do sports indoors, warm. Home ? Alone or with a coach ? Indoors ? Which sport to choose?

- I absolutely want to get some fresh air then, it will be outside. But alone or in a group? Between friends? With a coach? Walk or run ?

What frequency, what intensity when you start the sport?

According to 슈어맨 (one of the biggest sports broadcasting company), For the effects of sports practice on your body to be optimal, it is necessary to follow a regular training. I advise you to gradually increase the frequency from 1 to 3 times a week ideally. Regarding intensity, for starters, you should still be able to speak during efforts, it's a good benchmark. Increase your intensity as and when sessions. Listen to you.

Food and hydration in all this?

Eating the right things at the right times of your day will help you capitalize on the efforts made in the gym or on the field. Change is also played out on the plate! Hydrate yourself throughout the day and during your physical activity, this reduces the risk of cramps and injuries.

Is there an age limit to start sport?

No ! According to doctor Boudjemaa , sports doctor: "you can get into sport at 30, 40, 50 and over! The ideal is never to stop of course. The most important thing is to have a always adapted to these abilities. At every age, sport has its role. " However getting into sport at 40 is not the same thing as getting into sport after 60. This is why your resumption of sports should preferably be accompanied by health and sports professionals (sports coach, adapted activity teacher).

Start sport at home

A carpet, a comfortable outfit suitable for physical activity , a water bottle and off you go! You decide the session times alone, no travel time, you go at your own pace and it's free!

“- I find it hard to motivate myself… - did you try a home coach? - pfff it's too expensive… ” 

Well I know a tip to reduce costs! With personal service , the expenses incurred for home sports lessons are 50% tax deductible with a coach having “personal service” certification. When the motivation runs away, the coach catches it and strengthens it! Whether you like it or not, the appointment is made, the coach will come! It is a good alternative to start serenely and be regular in physical activity.

Start indoor sport

“I have a room near my house but I feel totally lost…”

For bodybuilding equipment, being supervised and accompanied by a coach is more reasonable to start with.

You also have group lessons ! With a friend or alone, eyes meet in the hardest exercises, the participants create a solidarity with the effort that does good!

Which activity to choose in the classroom? The best thing is to get closer to the coaches, they will guide you according to your desires and needs (spend you, tone you up, relax…).

Outdoor sports 

To get into sport, activities outside or in the water have a multitude of benefits for the body and the mind. Development of the cardiovascular system , better oxygenation of the body, reduction of stress, reconnection with nature and with oneself. In addition, the outdoors offers an inexhaustible playground that boosts motivation to maintain physical activity. Use spaces with greenery or in the countryside to help relieve stress, the decor soothes the mind and facilitates breathing unlike the noisy and polluted city.

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