Giving tuition: Best Tips for Teachers

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Before you can start teaching, you first need to find a job as a tutor. For that there are different possibilities. You can either search privately for tutoring students like Les Privat SBMPTN Online or hire a larger tutoring institute. In this case, however, you will have to give up part of your freedom as an independent tutor. You can:

  • Give private tuition
  • Give tutoring online
  • Work in a tutoring institute

Each of the options has different advantages and disadvantages. While in private tutoring you have to take care of recruiting your tutoring students on your own, you are spared this when you work in a tutoring institute. On the other hand, hourly wages are often already set there. So you don't have the option to set your own salary. If you work as a tutor online, the tutoring students usually write to you. Here, however, you should pay attention to a good application or a serious profile so that you get offers. In addition, your students can rate you online in many cases. So your tutoring should be good.

Find tutoring students

If you want to give private tuition, you have to take care of the recruiting students independently. There are various methods of doing this. Probably the easiest way is to write advertising sheets. You can hang these up in schools, universities and supermarkets. There is often a so-called “bulletin board” at these locations, where everyone can post requests and advertisements. Parents who want to find a tutor for their child often post requests here. Your name, your qualification (pupil or student), the contact details and the region in which you offer tutoring should be on your ad sheet. The subjects in which you want to give tutoring should also be mentioned. You can also place similar classified ads online.

It is also worth asking your friends and relatives if someone is looking for a tutor for the subjects you have specified. Many students rely on tutoring during their school days and like to fall back on familiar faces. Tutoring is often sought in math and English.

This is how you give good tutoring

Once you've decided on a method and found one or more tutoring students, it's up to your actual job. For good tutoring, you should not only be knowledgeable, but also didactically. This means that you should be able to convey your knowledge in an understandable way. There are a few things you should consider just like Les Privat UTBK Online.

set goals

After you find a tutor, you should set goals with them. What do you want to achieve in the next weeks or months? Which topics would you like to focus on? Where is there room for improvement? What grade does the student want to have on his next certificate? It can sometimes take some time to achieve these goals.

So that the student has enough success, you should also set intermediate goals. A first goal could be, for example, to correctly solve a certain type of task or to master a specific subject area. Also think about what a realistic goal could be for the next exam. Don't take on too much. An improvement by several grades is often not possible after a few weeks.

Set rules

In order to create a productive learning atmosphere, you should initially set some rules. This way the student knows what to look out for. In this way, conflicts can be avoided. While some students do not need rules of conduct to be able to work in a concentrated manner, others need firm rules so that a reasonable learning atmosphere can arise.

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