Let there be light - the best smart home light switches for your home

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These intelligent light switches which are manufactured by China micro switch manufacturer integrate into your smart home system and can be operated classically by hand, via app, but also with your voice. In this article you will find out what you should pay attention to when buying and which products will save you an annoying trip to the light switch!

1.The Hue Starter Package

Every beginning is difficult? Not with the package from Philips Hue White: controllable LED lamps and smart switches for dimming show you the way to the future. The switches can be easily integrated into an existing smart home system via the Hue Bridge. Your lighting can then be controlled by voice using the right smart speaker.

The switches are operated intuitively. Depending on which light you fancy, you use one of the four buttons. You can either switch your lamps on or off or increase or decrease the light intensity. You fasten the switch holder with the supplied adhesive tape or with a few screws anywhere in the room. You then simply take the battery-operated switch with you on the couch or in bed and no longer have to get up to switch off the lights.

2.Smart WiFi replacement for your Mecross light switches

The WLAN smart light switch from meross scores with compatibility. The device is not wired to the mains, but simply connected to the WLAN. From then on you can also control the lighting via Voice Command via Google Home or Amazon Alexa. This saves you further smart hubs.

You can do the wiring yourself thanks to the setup wizard in the app. The only drawback: the switch needs a neutral wire. This is not always present in older houses. If you have any concerns, you can send a picture of your connection and the company will then inform you whether the device is suitable for you.

The device also offers a decent selection of functions. In addition to intuitive voice control, you can also operate your lighting on the go using the app. In addition, you set a timer that makes it easier for you to get up in the morning.

3.nvisible smart home light switches

Adding extra switches or stuffing your home with other devices is a thorn in your side? Then simply upgrade your already installed switches. With a dimming actuator from Homematic, you can convert standard light switches into smart switches.

You place the dimming actuator practically under your existing light switch and give it a kind of brain. The devices from Homematic are suitable for every common flush-mounted box. The standard switch is then placed on the Homematic module and is ready for use. Now you can also dim normal lamps via app and voice command, or switch them on or off.

By upgrading with dimming actuators, the lighting can be controlled with the Homematic app. That means you can access your home lighting from anywhere and adjust it according to your wishes. The system works with internal memory even when there is no active internet connection. That is a clear advantage.

4.Not only suitable for lamps - the smart universal switch

You don't carry your smartphone around with you all day? Then Bosch has a smart alternative for controlling your lighting. With the flexible Smart Home Switch Flex, you not only illuminate your four walls. You can program the switch up to four different scenarios to make your home extra smart. Whether lighting control or opening the shutters is up to you.

It is best to attach the device centrally to the wall in the room. The smart home switch works independently of the room and can be used anywhere. It is the perfect tax alternative to the smartphone app.

Bosch also helps you set up the Flex. If you have already equipped your home with a functioning smart home system, you can easily integrate the Flex switch into the system by scanning a QR code. This is an easy task even for beginners.

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