Long and healthy hair? That's how it's done!

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Would you like to know how to get healthier hair that blows in the wind, whose shine dazzles you and looks like the TV advertising of your favorite shampoo? Then you should follow our tips - because we know exactly what your hair needs in order to be long and strong. Here we go!

The right products

Sure, the professionals usually uses completely different products than we do at home. Therefore, after visiting the hairdresser, you should ask for the right products for your hair structure and not be afraid to let a few euros more go over the counter. Because with the right treatment, a good shampoo and other products, you can take care of your Longer hair so that it stays healthy for a long time. Healthy nutrition for your hair, so to speak. This makes them appear more elastic and less likely to break. And: If you are already dyeing at the hairdresser, please ask for an Olaplex treatment . It cares for your hair while dyeing. This investment is definitely worth it!

Rosemary oil: the miracle cure for hair growth and beautiful hair

But not only an Olaplex treatment can Maintain curls - many hairdressers and beauty gurus also swear by  rosemary oil! The essential oil ensures that your dry scalp is freed of dandruff and thus stimulates the blood circulation. The result with regular use is incredible: your hair is less greasy, the hair follicles are strengthened and hair growth is accelerated. We have listed all the advantages of hair care with rosemary oil in more detail here:


  • Hair loss that is not related to an illness can be stopped by regular use of nutrient-rich rosemary oil.

  • Rosemary oil increases blood flow to the scalp. In this way, hair growth can be positively influenced and accelerated.

  • Hair that quickly regreases can be brought under control with rosemary oil and thus washed less frequently.

  • Rosemary oil can be used as an anti-dandruff agent because it moisturizes the dry scalp and has a calming effect.

However, you should  never apply the oil to your hair undiluted . Our tip: The rosemary oil (about 5 drops are sufficient) can either be added to your shampoo or mixed with another oil , such as jojoba oil. 

This is the best way to comb your hair

Another mistake that you should definitely avoid in the future: After washing your hair, you should not just carelessly comb your wet hair from top to bottom. You realize yourself that it is tugging and the hair is suffering. A gross mistake! Much better: comb the hair carefully from bottom to top . With small strokes you always go a little further up towards the hairline. Or you can simply wait until your hair is dry with combing / brushing, and the choice of the right brush is also important. Paddle brushes or Tangle Teezer are particularly gentle.

Beware of scarves!

By the way, in winter it is particularly important that you wear loose hair wisely with a scarf . Because both under and over the scarf there is friction between hair and textile. This can affect the structure of your mane. Check it out for yourself: I'm sure you will notice that after wearing the scarf in winter you have the shortest hair on the lower part of your head. How can you tackle it? Make sure that you have no hair between the neck and the fabric, but it is best to brush it over it. Or even easier: make bun or a braid .

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