Microphone Stands: What is it for?

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Contrary to what one might think, the microphone stands are not simple supports on which the microphones are placed! It is not just an accessory: the microphone stands are essential in stage or studio installations.

I present below the different types of microphone stands (6 in total) to help you see more clearly.

  • Tripods: these are the best known and most common types of feet on the market. For events with singers, this is the ideal option. They have three feet at the base and are ranked among the cheapest microphone stands on the market.
  • The pole tripods: the pole is an extendable arm which allows to have a greater range and allows a singer with a guitar and a score to sing without the foot disturbing him for example. They are adjustable at any angle.
  • Round base feet: they are mainly used on the stage, because they occupy less space than a simple tripod. For singers on stage, this allows you not to trip over the base.
  • Small pole feet: these feet are used to be placed in front of a bass drum or guitar amp.
  • Desk stands: these microphone stands are mainly used for podcasting and radio broadcasts. They are also ideal for a conference.
  • Overhead microphone stands: these are the largest, but also the most expensive microphone stands . In case of extreme heights and angles, these are the models that are best suited.

The microphone stands consist of a support, a rod (or pole, usually adjustable) and a fixing system for the microphone. They are fitted with 3/8 or 5/8 inch thread. However, the microphone stands are not necessarily supplied with a microphone clip, because the latter does not have a universal size. There are microphone stands to receive more microphones at the same time.

Who are the microphone stands for?

You don't have to be a music or studio professional to own a microphone stand! Certainly, this is necessary equipment for the stage or in recording studios. But if you are a fan of music and singing, it is quite possible to install a microphone stand at home. The microphone stands are therefore mainly intended for singers (mainly) but depending on the type of stand, it is possible to use them in other conditions such as a conference, radio recording etc.

How to choose a microphone stand?

You are probably wondering how to choose the mic stands? Which model do you need? The first thing to do before choosing a microphone stand is to determine its needs. To help you better understand your needs, here are some important criteria to consider if you want to buy the best microphone stand for you.

The price

The price of the microphone stands is very variable: it is possible to find around ten euros up to more than 500 euros for some models! For professional equipment, prices can even reach more than 20,000 euros. No need to invest in high-end and expensive equipment if you plan to use the microphone stand occasionally. On the contrary, if you are a professional, it is better to opt for a good brand with a good quality of product so that the microphone stand is as durable as possible and withstands many manipulations.

Manufacturing quality

A microphone stand is caused to be moved and handled very frequently. This is why it must be robust in order to securely hold the microphone. It is therefore important to choose good manufacturing materials to avoid unpleasant surprises.


One of the advantages of the microphone stands is also to be easy and quick to move or handle. In the case of a show, for example, the microphone stands must be quickly moved during the performance. They must therefore be light and handy. Also, the height must be easily adjustable so as not to waste time.

The height

Whether it is a classic microphone stand, with a pole or a desk, the adjustable height is one of the most important criteria to take into account! Indeed, the maximum height of the foot must be adapted to the users in order to make its use as comfortable as possible.

What are the most recommended brands of microphone stands?

It is not easy to decide on the best brand of microphone stand. There are a few brands favored by audiovisual professionals for the quality and robustness of their products. This is for example the case of the Samson Technologies brand , which offers equipment for recording studios at competitive prices. The Neewer brand is also a well-known brand in the field, and is highly appreciated for the quality and diversity of its products.

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