4 Tips for Choosing Your SEO Agency

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If you have a website, and it is vital for you to appear in the first pages of Google, you have probably already used an SEO agency.

And as you may have noticed, not all are created equal.

Between those who outsource their work in Romania, those who are never available to answer your questions, or those who cause a penalty on your site ... great are the chances of being disappointed and not having them for your money.

Perhaps you have tried to tighten your conditions with these agencies, by asking them for guarantees of results ... this is not necessarily the right solution, however. Because 90% of the time, these good results will be offered to you on expressions or keywords that will not have an impact on your business.

But then, how do you choose your Best SEO Company In Toronto without being an expert yourself in this area? There are very simple criteria for choosing your agency well, without knowing anything about web marketing and SEO, and I plan to share them with you today.

To choose your SEO agency well, you will need to use objective selection criteria:

Negotiate the employment contract

Most agencies tend to offer employment contracts on the very long term : a year or several years.

It is true that SEO requires long-term work , and that the results will probably only be visible after several months .

However, this tendency to offer long-term commitments means that the agencies question themselves very little throughout the service. A good agency must therefore allow you to negotiate contracts for a maximum of six months, or else to have a way out so that you can stop the service in the event of a problem.

Impeccable support and follow-up

A good SEO agency must offer you impeccable support and monitoring .

This therefore requires availability by email , but also by telephone , on the agency's working days and hours, in all circumstances.

This also requires the provision of a referent or an account manager who will be your privileged interlocutor and who will follow your referencing from the beginning to the end. Finally, this involves issuing regular reports , at least monthly.

A clear and transparent strategy

In addition, a good SEO agency will offer you a clear and transparent strategy to be able to bring your site up in the search engines. They must therefore submit to you a detailed action plan , with milestones and objectives to be achieved .

Beware of agencies that do not communicate on their methods: perhaps these are methods disapproved by Google. Perhaps they subcontract their work abroad, in conditions that it will be difficult for you to assess, and with contacts with whom you can never exchange.


Regular exchanges and coordination

Finally, the agency must be interested in your activity , your objectives and your strategy , because SEO must increasingly be coupled with the rest of your marketing and communication.

In addition, the actions you perform on your site, on the Internet or as part of your traditional communication can have an impact on your SEO . And of course, the reverse is also true.

Therefore, you must work in perfect coordination with the SEO agency. It must offer you regular exchanges and it must be interested in all the actions and the strategy that you put in place. If the agency has nothing to do with the rest of your communication and web marketing, go your way.

We have just discovered together the four criteria that you must check in order to choose a good SEO agency . It now remains for us to deepen the details of the duties and guarantees that you must demand from your agency within your contract.

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