Helium 10: The best tool to sell on Amazon in FBA?

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The Helium 10 application is sales software specifically dedicated to Amazon FBA. Mainly used to do FBA product sourcing , this application is used for keyword research. It is particularly effective for this since this data comes directly from Amazon. Thus, you benefit from the results coming from a quality application. By using our helium 10 discount code, you can buy all Helium 10 tools at a reduced price.

Main features of the Helium 10 application

Helium 10 has a plurality of features. However, I'm only going to list its main features here so that you can truly understand what makes this tool so powerful.

Black box

This functionality is central for any seller wishing to make sales quickly and efficiently. Indeed, it allows you to find multiple information depending on what you are looking for and the type of product you intend to conquer. Thus, benefit from information on the category of a product, if it is wise to go to this or that range of products. Or if, on the contrary, you will have to turn to a different range of products in the hope of increasing your sales.

Clearly, the Black Box functionality offers you the possibility of increasing your sales by reducing the risks of making a low number of sales or of being in a bad financial situation. Depending on the sale price, the number of comments on a specific product, the price or the overall rating on a product, you will be able to find the product on which to make your sales in a few seconds.


This second feature is completely different to Black Box. However, it remains just as important for any seller on Amazon FBA. When you go to do your research on a product, you can retrieve the keywords entered in any advertisement. As in natural referencing, the importance of the terms used should not be overlooked.

On Amazon FBA, the situation is completely identical. Clearly, you choose in a few moments the terms that are most sought after by Internet users when they are looking for a product. Thus, you have the possibility of drawing up a list of terms with high traffic which you can naturally insert in your next announcements. From there, your sales will tend to increase and you will easily double your main competitors.


This feature is intended to be a bit similar to the second mentioned above. Indeed, it allows you to find an example of additional queries related to your main keyword. In order to avoid facing an unattractive ad, it is necessary to diversify the terms that you use.

Not only will this make reading easier for future readers, but you will also increase your chances of appearing in greater numbers during a search carried out by a user. In addition to gaining visibility, the various long tail keywords which will be offered to you can very well be used in advertising campaigns on Google Ads for example when purchasing certain keywords.


Still with the idea of ​​offering product sheets that appeal not only to Internet users but also to Google, it is necessary to have a diversity in the vocabulary that one chooses. Thanks to the Frankenstein functionality, you thus avoid seeing incessant repetitions or duplicates in your product sheets since the purpose of this functionality is to remove these blunders. Frankenstein also allows you to change the order of words. Again, these different options are necessary if you want to have a product sheet that is eye-catching and the user does not leave the page after a few seconds.

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