Black magic and purification: How to Cancel the Effects of a Spell and Protect Yourself from It

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What is a disenchantment?

Indeed, the bewitchment (also called release) consists in removing in a total and definitive way a harmful bewitchment on a person or a place. Thanks to its purifying action, it frees and cleanses the body and the mind. Then, thanks to its possibility of return, negative energies can be returned to the sponsor (see "law of triple return"). Finally, thanks to its generally included protection, the results obtained are durable, so much so that the disenchanted person can no longer be reached by black magic.

The disenchantment corresponds to white magic. Therefore, a specialist can perfectly dispense a person from a distance thanks to the information requested and the recent photos sent.

How to remove a spell of black magic?

It is undeniable that some of us are victims of black magic without knowing it. Indeed, the symptoms can be confused with a depressive state (migraines, insomnia, generalized tiredness, feeling of presence…). In addition, the signs are generally wrongly attributed to permanent bad luck (light bulbs that burn out, electrical problems, frequent breakdowns, etc.). It should be noted that it is quite easy to get rid of a spell of black magic if it is recent. However, this is more complicated when a spell dates back several years.

A disenchantment ritual is necessary to remove black magic. Note that white magic or high magic can be used to break a spell of black magic   or remove the evil eye. At present, there are 3 techniques of disenchantment: by lead, by salt or by fire.

The 3 kinds of bewitching

The disenchantment of a person

It consists in uncooling a person who presents the signs of a spell of Dark Magic. 

The technique used will depend on the person who performs it. If the de-mesmer is a novice, he will use the de-bewitchment with salt. If it is a specialist in uncovering , it will use thermal lead or fire. In order for a person to really be the victim of a spell of black magic, 3 criteria must be met:

 - the spell of black magic must be powerful enough for the negative energies to reach the target,

- the victim must be very receptive   (fortunately, few people are receptive to negative energies).

  • The person concerned must not be under protection. You should know that it is very easy to protect yourself from black magic and that it is impossible, even for the best black wizards, to reach a person in protection.

Therefore, the spells of black magic actually affect very few people.

Undressing a house

In order to uncover your house or apartment, you speak of purifying a place. Salt bewitchment is generally used.

After the removal of a dwelling, protection is necessary. There are two ways to protect your home: either do a protective ritual , or with the coarse salt method. The latter consists of putting a few grains at each corner of the main room (and incidentally in the bedrooms).

The uncovering of a house is sustainable if it is combined with good protection.

The disenchantment in love

Amorous disenchantment is necessary when one person no longer wishes to be lovingly attracted to another. It does not remove the person from his memory or the good times spent. Its purpose is to act on the feeling of love so as to suffer as little as possible from separation.

Indeed, a breakup is always painful. Some are trying to recover their ex, notably thanks to the return to love . And others prefer to turn the page and forget their spouse, thanks to the disenchantment in love. 

A romantic disenchantment ritual is effective   if done correctly. However, certain parameters can reduce the results. For example, the longer the relationship, the longer the results will come.

Similarly, proximity is a criterion reducing the results: if they live in the same neighborhood, or if they work in the same company, if they have to see each other regularly (children in common)….

However, this practice of white magic, although little used, works and here are some examples of love disenchantment .

How to protect yourself?

In order to benefit from optimal protection, it is necessary that the person is not (or no longer) in the grip of a spell of black magic.  Protection against black magic is therefore aimed either at a person who has been disenchanted, or at someone who has suspicion of people wishing to harm him. It should be noted that there are 2 ways to protect yourself from black magic:

  • Through a protective ritual, this type of ritual is effective in increasing the good protective energies that will act in prevention. Generally, the disenchantment ritual includes good protection, but it is possible to strengthen it considerably by this ritual, the aim is to positivate to protect.
  • By a magnetized object: the talisman of the moon . A   magnetized talisman is very effective because it acts directly on the person who wears it. In addition, it strengthens and increases the results after (or during) a disenchantment ritual. I recommend the talisman of the moon to anyone wishing to protect themselves from black magic. I personally magnetize each talisman on demand, it is for this reason that it takes a period of 10 to 14 days before receiving it. Many testimonies and opinions on magnetized talismans are available.
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