Mobile Solar Systems for Camping

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What is a solar case?

A solar case is a portable solar system that looks like a suitcase. So here the name says it all. It consists of two solar modules that are connected with a hinge and thus form a kind of case. A solar controller is usually also integrated, as well as a connection cable for the battery. This regulator converts the electricity coming from the solar cells into the charging current for the connected battery. If you are willing to buy solar panels then you must know how much solar panels cost in US so that you have an idea of pricing of solar panels before planning for a project.

What is a foldable solar module?

A foldable solar module is like a 2.0 solar case . It consists of a very robust bag in which 3 solar modules are incorporated. It has a connection for a cable to which a solar controller is connected.
This further development is much easier and more flexible . You can also put such a solar module behind the window, for example. This is very difficult with a bulky solar case.

What is the advantage of portable solar systems?

Compared to permanently installed solar systems on the camper roof or even a caravan, portable systems have two decisive advantages:

  1. They can be used immediately and without assembly , so they are independent of the vehicle and can be used in the mobile home, by car or in the gazebo.
  2. They can also always be directed towards the sun . This enables higher electricity yields and the mobile home or caravan can be in the shade while the module is being set up in the sun. This is a huge advantage, especially in summer.

Better orientation towards the sun

Solar modules provide the most energy when the sun's rays fall on them at a 90-degree angle . This can be achieved on a motorhome roof by mounting the modules in a hinged and rotatable manner. The right holders that do this automatically are rare and relatively expensive. If you do it manually, you have to climb around on the roof, which is not without its dangers. That is why most modules are simply mounted horizontally.

Mobile solar systems, however, can be set up so that the sun shines on them at a 90-degree angle . They can be easily tracked throughout the day and can therefore always deliver maximum energy. A solar case with 100 watts can therefore replace two horizontally mounted 100 watt solar modules on the roof. For example, we installed 2 x 100 watt modules on the roof and also included a foldable solar module. So we can stand in the shade in the summer and still produce electricity and charge the batteries in all three modules in the winter.

Foldable solar module protects against heat

Another advantage of the foldable solar module is its flexible usability . For example, if we are hiking, we simply place the solar module behind the windshield from the inside. It is protected against theft, produces electricity at the same time and takes away a large part of the solar radiation. So it keeps the interior cooler .

Heat protection, perfect sun orientation and flexibility make a foldable solar module for us the ideal addition to the two solar modules on our camper roof.

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