6 Things You Need To Know Before Launching a Facebook Marketing Campaign

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Are you considering launching a Facebook marketing campaign, but sure where to start? You’re not alone! More than 5 million businesses advertise on Facebook and all of them started to buy facebook followers to boost their business. It’s a competitive platform to be advertising on, but when done right it can be a gold mine for your business. With that in mind, here are 6 things you need to know before you launch your Facebook marketing campaign. 

You Need to Have an Objective 

Before beginning any marketing campaign, you must ask yourself “what is my goal? What is it you want to see come out of your marketing efforts?” Facebook is a great platform filled with growing opportunity for businesses to get in front of their market so take advantage of that. You can’t just wing it though. If you want it to work for your business, then you must have an objective before beginning the process. This will set your campaign up for success. 

Have Faith in the Network 

There are so many reasons businesses are making the switch to social media marketing. It works! Facebook has over 2 billion active users which means that they all types of people from all over the world who they can reach. So no matter your business, rest assured that Facebook has the audience you are looking for just waiting to see your ad. Go into Facebook marketing with the faith and trust that is will work for your business… because it will. 

Utilize the Facebook Ad Manager Tools 

One of the great advantages of using Facebook to market is that they have simplified and made it easy for you to set up and manage your campaign. Take advantage of the tools that they are offering you to optimize your campaign results. The Facebook Ad Manager tool provides its users with useful information on how to target the correct audience by using demographics, offers guidance on setting a budget and analyzing results through funnel tracking. One of the best features the ad tools offer is that is customized to your businesses specific objective. Whether a business is looking to boost sales, promote their business, or increase awareness, Facebook Ads tools can help manage it all in one place based on the business main advertising goal. 

Know your Audience 

It is so important to understand your audience and get more Facebook likes. Who do you want to see your ads? Before you start a Facebook marketing campaign make sure you know who your target audience is so you can narrow in on this. Facebook gives you the opportunity to target your audience based on location, demographics, behaviors, etc., but that is pointless if you don’t know who it is you are looking for. When targeting a precise interest group, you are creating ads that are relevant to the people who seem them which ultimately creates a higher conversion rate for you. It’s simple- Know. Your. Audience.

Create Multiple Ads

Social media users are extremely visual so one ad isn’t going to work for everyone. Use different ads that brand your name and bring awareness to your business. Facebook offers a variety of ad formats such as carousel ads, canvas, video, etc. Play around with the different ads and formats to find which ones are getting the highest responses. 

Run Split Tests

Keeping track of which ads are working and which ones aren’t is crucial to your businesses marketing success. Running split tests will allow you to create separate advertisements and collect data on your advertisements. The results will help you gage which ads to put your money into. Testing your campaign efforts will only help you to learn and continue to grow and get better results. Luckily, Facebook makes this easy to do in their ads manager tool. 

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