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Jamb is a computer based test that is aimed at assessing the verbal, quantitative, writing, analytical, and reading skills for determining your suitability for getting admission to a graduate management program like JAMB. The problem-solving abilities, analytical writing tests, and more, which are an integral part of the examination address the reasoning skills and logical thinking capability of a candidate to gauge his or her adaptability to the present business scenario.

It is natural for someone who is planning to take up Jamb to wonder how to get the highest possible score in the examination. A perfect GMAT score is an 800, and while that is achieved hardly by thirty people out of over 200,000 participants from over 100 countries every year, a near-perfect score is not really too difficult to achieve. We, at TimesPro, an education wing of the Times Group, believe that with your dedication and our efficient support, undertaking the right modes and methods of training is not too difficult. When our effective training methodology backed by mentorship from our experienced teachers comes to your aid, getting the top scores in GMAT is never a dream that is too far-fetched to be achieved. 2020 Jamb Expo

Be consistent in your study routine

We have seen that the most common mistake that candidates usually make is to simply go on studying without any clear goal in mind. It prevents you from honing your skills properly and achieving the precision that you are looking for. For ensuring a great performance, you will have to study dedicatedly and regularly for at least three months and focus on specific areas of improvement along the way.

Use the right practice materials

It is important for the students to get the support from the right educators and the highest quality study material to ensure that they can put their best foot forward. For instance, the deliverables that we, at TimesPro, offer are in keeping with the content, tone, and difficulty level of the real GMAT exam, which have proven to be of utmost help to our students time and again.

Get familiar with the fundamentals

Regardless of how much of detailed knowledge and information you have about the topics in GMAT, it is crucial to first concentrate on getting the basics of grammar, reading, and math clearly understood and embedded in your mind. For instance, if math is a problem for you, begin with the basics of algebra, statistics, and trigonometry, before jumping straightaway into more difficult math problems.

Complete practice quizzes and tests

If you are aiming for that great score in GMAT, you will have to get hold of practice question papers and mock tests to assess your level of preparedness, and, to further improve yourself based on that self-assessment. In fact, we would suggest that solving practice sets should be a part of your daily study routine for that entire period of preparation to make sure you know how far you are from being completely prepared for the real test.

Focus properly on timing

GMAT is not all about the content of the test. How well you manage the time provided for the test also plays a crucial role in determining your level of success. The exam goes on for three and a half hours, and if you try to rush through it, you run the risk of missing out on the important details in an answer choice. So, make sure you wisely time those practice tests that you undertake for self-assessment.

Target your weak points

As mentioned earlier, you should have a particular goal in mind when preparing for the GMAT exams, and, one of the prime goals that you need to have is making sure your weak points are improved, and the fortes are made stronger. Simply giving equal importance to every aspect of the exam will be of no help to you in improving your chances of acing the exam.

We, at TimesPro, understand that overseas education is the dream of almost every Indian Student, and GMAT offers the perfect gateway to help them take one step closer to realizing that dream. At TimesPro, regarded as the most highly trusted study abroad consultants in Delhi, we are here to fulfill the aspirations of those millions of students in the country who hope to take their career to the next level through the GMAT exam scores. With collaborations from the top universities all across the globe, we aim to make the high-end exam preparation materials and methodology easily accessible to the ambitious Indian students. Our professional and experienced counselors come with the cumulative experience of over a hundred years. Right from choosing the suitable course to studying in a preferred university and country, our dedicated experts will be with you at every step of the way, right till you reach your coveted goal.


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