What Is Marketing And Why It Is Important To Your Business?

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You constantly hear that marketing is the answer to expanding your business, whether it is services or products you are selling. What is Marketing? But what is marketing really? And what are we looking for in results? We are here to help explain it all in more detail.

Get an Answer to Your Question of What is Marketing?

Marketing is generally defined as promoting your products or services. It must also include the action of selling your product or service. All activities that you do to advertise and sell to people are included under the brightly colored umbrella of “marketing.” When you do any sort of marketing, you will need to communicate the value of what you are selling and by so doing, attract customers or clients.

Marketing does not stop there. Also included under our huge colorful umbrella are any actions taken to acquire customers. This can be exemplary customer service which encourages customers and clients to return to do business with you.

Maintaining client relationships is vital to build a reputation and even have word of mouth referrals. However, the most important part of marketing for a business’ services and products needs to include Internet marketing.

Internet marketing is a term that is used to encompass MANY different types of services. Online marketing includes (but may not be limited to):

  • Social media
  • Paid advertising
  • Conversion optimization
  • SEO
  • Email marketing

Many think that search engine optimization (SEO) is the whole of Internet marketing. But this is not so. SEO is in reality a long-term way to generate traffic using natural organic search results. But all the above points must also be covered.

To build a good internet marketing campaign, it is necessary to analyze your clients or customers, their demographics, where they go to find what they want and many other things, such as pricing and distribution of the product or service.

The promotion over the Internet must make an effective impact and create a customer who wants your product of service and will pull out their wallet. You have to know your customers!

What is Marketing Going to Do for Me?

What delivers the very best results? Hands down it is Internet marketing. And that means a comprehensive campaign of Internet marketing as described above. If you are only doing paid advertising and do not use landing pages or provide a unique offer to gain email subscribers then you are really only doing paid advertising. You will be missing out on the other 80 percent of the benefits.

Competent Internet marketing activities have a huge effect on any business. When the marketing campaigns come to fruition, the revenue will increase, the customer base will be loyal and a business’ reputation will be excellent. Profitability is of course one of the most important factors.

Marketing is What Gets People’s Attention

Marketing to the wall will get you nowhere. You have to market to people! You wouldn’t think this would have to be said, but you would be surprised how many company owners develop marketing plans, put them on a shelf and see no results. (Why are we not surprised?) What is marketing to people?

Promotions have to reach potential customers in order to get results. For instance, someone with an online business with no Internet marketing strategy will find no matter what banners he has on his site, the number of friends he tells about his site, business is going the same as always, with no increased anything!

What is marketing? It is comprised of all the strategic actions of Internet marketing taken to attract customers and make them into paying customers who will come back over and over again.

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