How to Be Successful - the Keys to Achieve Your Purposes

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If you are one of those who usually ask yourself How to be successful, in this post I will try to give you some answers.

The answer to How to succeed is given by studies that have shown how this is made up of 85% Attitude and 15% Knowledge and Skills.

In this formula, the attitude you have will be decisive in achieving your goals or leaving early.

You must start with the understanding that successLinks to an external site. is the result of a series of actions that you must carry out in whatever you do, but to achieve this there is a determining factor that you must take into account... Your Attitude!

That easy? Not at all…

Not for this reason, you should think that only by having a great attitude will you get everything you want because to succeed in any aspect of life you must have sufficient knowledge and skills to achieve it.

Think that Success is the result of your actions, which are determined by your attitude.

Believing in what you do, having faith that you are going to achieve it, and doing what is necessary to achieve it are the 3 fundamental pillars to be successful.

A great attitude is not to see life in pink or to think that the problems or obstacles that arise do not matter, but it will help you make the right decisions to overcome anything.

Your worst enemy to achieve success

The fear of change can be your worst enemy, but if you're determined to confront that fear with a determined attitude, you'll get out of your comfort zone to grow and achieve the success you're looking for.

You must be aware of your weaknesses and seek solutions instead of regretting...

Because life does not give results to those who need it, but to those who deserve it.

The Luck Factor

«I am not successful in anything I do, because I am never lucky»

This is one of the phrases that I usually hear from people who are not successful.

But honestly, it is absolute nonsense. Success does not depend on being lucky or not, but on how many times you try.

Surely you have heard the phrase "the more work, the luckier I am". The following qoute fits perfecting to this:

"Your preparation shapes your catch",

Simply, it comes to summarize that success is not a matter of luck, but of work, of perseverance, of looking for ways to improve instead of focusing on the negative.

Luck may be a factor that helps at a certain time, but it will not always be there.

Do you know what will always accompany you? The attitude you have towards life and the work habits you develop.

The Habit of Being Successful

All successful people have habits that have led them to achieve their results.

You only have to take a look at the biographies of Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs or Bill Bates.

But I'm not talking about eating habits or sports routines.

Rather, I am talking about behaviors in the face of the challenges and obstacles that arise... Or do you think they have never encountered problems?

Let me tell you something. If they have taken where they are, it is not by chance or chance. If you really think it was because of that, you are much farther from achieving success than you think.

They are people who have the habit of thinking and acting in the following way:

  • They are clear about their goals and what they want to achieve
  • Focus on solutions, not problems
  • They are 100% responsible for what happens
  • They always surround themselves with people who know more than they do.
  • They have a strong attitude to overcome failures
  • They don't have these habits because they are successful…
  • They succeed because they have these habits.

Always remember: Practice. Practice. Practice. For practice is the straightest and smoothest highway to success, Go2Words.

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