How to Practically Decorate the Walls in the Bedroom: Ideas and Tips

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The decor of the bedroom wall is not limited to the wallpaper alone. Imagine that you are an artist who thinks through his picture and then realizes it. Moreover, there are so many colorful and amazing photo examples on the Internet today that your eyes are wide. We will talk about the main methods of decorating the walls in the bedroom and show some cool ways to design an accent wall. Get inspired and create your dream bedroom!

Wall decoration options in the bedroom

1. Painting

The most common way to decorate walls. Many consider it boring - and very vain. Use stylish and spectacular options: draw geometric shapes, create a beautiful ombre, the effect of an unpainted wall, or partial painting. Even from the simplest and most banal thing, you can make a sweetie if you show more enthusiasm and imagination.

2. Wallpapering

Placing wallpapers is among the best bedroom wall decor ideas that work almost all the time and of course, it is the easiest way to decorate a room too. We advise you to choose not with plain fabrics, but with an interesting pattern.

Since the bedroom is still the place where we want to relax, it is better to abandon the dark colors and overly bright patterns. Take care of your eyes and psyche. Choose pastel shades with floral or geometric patterns. The more original they are, the better.

3. Wall mural

Many people mention the old canvases with the image of birches or waterfalls at the mention of photo wallpaper. Forget about them forever, as modern technology has stepped far forward. At your request, experts will produce any photo wallpaper or simply buy them on Amazon here.

4. Laminate

Today, the laminate is used for decoration not only for floors but also for walls. There is no special laminate for walls, the same as for flooring is used. Depending on the color chosen, the interior will look different. The bleached oak laminate creates a cozy and peaceful atmosphere.

Additionally, you can highlight the wall. A dark laminate or one that combines several shades will give the bedroom an original character. Against a dark background, decorative elements, for example mirrors in golden frames, look more expressively.

5. Panels

This finishing material has long entered the world of design and is firmly entrenched in it. There are a large number of panels: from natural wood, plastic, glass, metal, MDF, and particleboard... Using 3D panels create interesting textures that mimic various materials, such as brick. In such interiors, be sure to use local lighting, which will help emphasize the unusual shape of the panels.

6. Decoration with magazine clippings

Love the luxury glossy magazine covers? Do not put them in a flat pile in the closet, but give them the opportunity to make a full-fledged decorative element. Cut the brightest pages, insert into frames, and create compositions above the bed. Voila - the accent wall is ready.

7. Decoration with LED inscriptions

For the loft-style, the best decor is probably not found. A large inscription created with the help of LED lamps will become not only a bright accessory but also additional lighting in the bedroom. Both single-color models and those that change color will do.

8. Decoration with paintings

There are so many decor options that you can probably write a thesis. However, we will talk about our favorite interiors. On a white background, we recommend hanging pictures in contrasting shades, since white is an excellent background on which decor items become even more interesting and expressive.

With a dark background, on the contrary, it is better to opt for light canvases that will create a rich contrast. And you can even choose the same colors for paintings and walls, focusing only on the framework. Take them in different colors, materials, and sizes. Similar compositions are now at the height of fashion - do not ignore it.

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