How to know if it is Sterling Silver (925 Sliver)?

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It is important to know if the product we are buying, whether it is a jewel or a coin, is silver or not. Many times the product, when you see it, can seem to be made of this precious metal. But the reality is that it could be of another metal or simply silver plated. This is why it is more difficult to know if it is exactly 925 silver also know as sterling sliver (and not 900, or 950, etc.). Unless you look at the seal, or the price, or buy it from a trusted store.

Next, we are going to develop some tips or tricks so that you can distinguish a 925 silver jewel from the one that is not. Thus you will have criteria to be able to differentiate it.

Buy your jewellery in your trusted store

Undoubtedly, one of the best guarantees you can have is to buy jewellery at a trusted store. There are many jewellery companies on the market that sell 925 silver jewellery. Beyond that, and despite having the 925 stamps, some are made in other countries and the standards of the stamp or brand are not always met.

The mark or the stamp 925

As we indicated previously, when a jewel is made of sterling silver, it usually bears a mark or seal with that number. Take a good look and if you wear it, it will most likely be 925 silver. Keep in mind that this brand or seal does not always carry it. For reasons such as if the jewel is small or delicate, it may not be punctured. So in that case, it is best to assess whether the store that sells it is trustworthy.

The price of 925 silver

Another of the easiest ways to intuit whether or not it is 925 silver is the price of the jewel. Like everything in life, good and quality have a higher price than what is of worse quality. Many jewellery pieces look very much like 925 silver but may only be silver plated. If the price of the jewel is very low, it may be a good indicator that it is not.

The smell of silver

Silver generally has no specific odor. If the jewel is made of other metals, or has a high grade that is not of said precious metal, the piece will have a metallic odor similar to the smell of coins. There are plenty of jewellery that is made of this metal like sterling silver ear cuff, rings, kadas and more.

So, if your jewel has a certain metallic smell, this may be an indicator that it is either not of said precious metal, or that the combination with other metals is very high.

Use a magnet to detect 925 silver

A very easy trick to know if something is silver is to use a magnet. This precious metal does not magnetize the magnet or is very weak. On the other hand, if the piece is made of other metals, they will offer that magnetism so the magnet will remain attached to the piece. So an easy way is to run a magnet over your jewel.

Note that it may create some magnetism depending on the combination of metals. But what it should not be is totally stuck, but if you put it tilted it should slide down.

Now that you know that it is 925 silver, you can buy with greater knowledge and judgment.

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