Investing in a good internet connection for working from home

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With the current Covid-19 pandemic and moving forward, it seems like most of us will be working from home. What the outbreak and working from home means the house has to be comfy and you have to have an internet connection good enough for video conferencing, browsing, streaming and other internet intense activities.

It is all easy to say that we can work from home, except in cases where we have small children or teenagers in the home. When you are doing your activities in your living area, and you have a child running helter-skelter in the house or a teenager listening to loud music or watching a movie.

We all need to invest in a home as we have learnt in this pandemic. However, what is a home without the accompanying companions for ease in working from home?

Therefore, we will explore all the parts of connecting your house with good internet.

What do we need to connect our homes to the internet?

In most areas in America, we have Internet service providers (ISP) ready to connect your house with the internet. However, we need to know the components we need to make the connection work. Some of these components are provided by the internet service provider, which we can also procure to be ready for internet connection.

The following are the equipment or gadgets required to connect our homes with the internet:

A modem: To connect your home to the internet, you need a modem. A modem is a device that connects to the ISP coaxial cable or fibre and brings the internet to your home. This device is critical to forming a channel of communication between your router and the ISP.

There are several great modems available in the market today. However, you need to find if the modem that you are getting is compatible with the ISP you are getting internet from. Most of the times, people use the modems provided by the ISP. You need to check for example for Charter Spectrum compatible modems, Comcast compatible modems, and other modems compatible with other ISPs.

A router: A router is a must have for your devices to communicate with each other and with the modem. In other words, the router connects several devices to the modem and each other. The router can allocate each device its own IP address and thus can understand the device where ay information is coming from.

There are several routers in the market today. They are either available as Mesh systems or traditional routers. Of note is that there are several router brands available in the market today. You can explore the best Netgear routers, Asus routers, TP-Link routers, D-Link routers, among other manufacturers.

Modem router combo: In some instances, you can decide to use a Modem router combo or gateway instead of separate devices. Even though most people recommend the use of separate modem and router, there is some excellent modem-router combo available in the market. The gateway combines the functions of both a router and a modem.

The table below explains the differences between a modem and a router.



It can only connect one device to the internet

Connects several devices to the internet

The modem uses a public IP address

It creates a device-specific IP addresses

Only transmits through WAN

Transmits Wi-Fi signals and you can connect the devices through Ethernet ports.

Connects to the ISP coax cable and other internet distribution methods

It is connected to the modem from which it transmits the internet to the home devices.

Repeaters/ extenders: These are devices that extend the Wi-Fi signals in our home to ensure that the signal strength is better in every corner of the house. These devices also ensure that there are no dead spots in the house.

Some of the best extenders will give you a great internet connection to areas that the router does not cover.

What internet plan should I subscribe for?

In America today, there are several internet service providers with a different market share in different states and regions. Some of the biggest internet providers in the country include:

  • Comcast Xfinity
  • Charter spectrum
  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • CenturyLink
  • Cox

These among others ensure that you get internet delivered to your home. It is good to check which provider has the best coverage in your area.

Also, it is great to compare the internet plans provided by the ISPs available in your area. These ISPs have different internet tiers depending on your needs.

If you are a heady-duty user like you want to have gaming as part of your activities, then it is good to get an internet plan that can comfortably support those activities. It is also essential to make that consideration if you are a light user.

The other thing to consider is the stability of the internet providers in your area. This is very important if you are planning to use it to work from home. Having an internet connection that gets disconnected during a meeting is a huge turn-off.


If you decide to work from home, you should ensure that you get the best internet connection. This can only be made possible if you get a good internet plan from a stable and excellent internet service provider.

However, having a good internet plan will not amount to anything if your equipment is not up to the task. There are different modems and routers recommended for different internet plans.

If you combine a good ISP plan with the right equipment, we are sure that you will have a connection that will do justice to your work. You will be happy and effective while working from home.

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