Dental Reconstruction in Parker, What is It?

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Would you like to have a perfect smile? But do you think it is something very complicated? Well if you think so, you should read this post. Well, today we bring a technique that will make your teeth perfect. We talk to you about dental reconstruction in Parker: a dental method that manages to restore the functionality and aesthetics of your original teeth. Are you interested, right? Well, keep reading and find out in detail!

When do I need a dental reconstruction in Parker?

Dental reconstruction in Parker is a widely used practice to repair our teeth when they are damaged. It is a treatment that belongs to the conservative dentistry modality since it aims to build healthy teeth while maintaining their original state. That is, it is not based on replacing mouthparts, but on recovering those that have deteriorated.

To find out if you need a dental reconstruction, it is recommended that you visit a dental office in Parker. With these keys, we help you know if you need dental reconstruction. The main reasons are usually:

Fracture in the crown of the tooth

Suffering a break in our teeth is very common, as it can happen to us in various actions of our day-to-day. While chewing, by a blow to the mouth or exposing the enamel of the teeth to extreme cold or heat. But, also, it can be a consequence of continued wear over time. Something that will affect the activity of our life as basic as eating.

To solve this problem, dental reconstruction is ideal. Well, not only will it help improve the aesthetics of our mouth, but it will also restore the functionality of our teeth so that we can live a life without problems.


Caries is a very common disease. This produces damage to the tooth surface, as a consequence of a bacterium, which causes holes to be repaired. Well, otherwise, new bacteria may reappear on them. For this reason, performing a dental reconstruction is highly recommended after solving a caries problem, since, if it is not performed, we can return to the initial problem.

But before performing a dental reconstruction, the area destroyed by caries must be taken into account, since if it is small, a dental reconstruction with composite will suffice. On the other hand, if the affected dental structure is very large, it will be necessary to use more complex techniques such as dental inlay. But what does each one consist of? Keep reading!

Dental reconstruction in Parker: Types

You already know that this type of technique is based on the repair of mouthparts and not on a replacement. Also, it is recommended in cases of fracture or caries. And, with all this, you just have to know the different types of dental reconstructions that exist and what each one of them consists of. So, don't get off the screen we started!

Dental reconstruction in Parker with composite

This technique is the simplest of all. It is ideal in those cases where the denture suffers punctual damage. Without going any further, these are the typical fillings to cure cavities. As for the procedure, it is very simple. In the part that the tooth has suffered damage, a soft material called composite is inserted, being a material that acquires the same shade as the denture through ultraviolet light

Inlaid dental reconstruction in Parker

This method is more complex than the previous one, but also much more resistant. It is a practice that is carried out in those cases where the tooth has suffered damage to the surface, so if the deterioration has reached the deepest part, another technique will have to be chosen.

To carry out this practice, a mold similar to the affected mouthpiece must be created. Subsequently, the created mold is placed on the damaged area and it is implemented in a said area with materials such as ceramic or porcelain.

Dental reconstruction in Parker with crown and pin

This type of reconstruction is, without a doubt, the most complex of all. It takes place when much of the dental crown has been destroyed. For this, a new crown manufactured as it replaces the damaged part is placed. And, in addition, a pin is inserted to provide greater grip between the old piece and the new crown.

And that's all! We hope we have helped you to know much more about the subject. Although we imagine that you may still be undecided about what type of dental reconstruction is good for you.

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