How To Solve A Quadratic Equation

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Mathematics often represents one of the most complex subjects and feared by many students ... and also by some adults, if you are looking for a mathematics course for children we recommend you continue reading this post.

However, although it is not one of the most beloved subjects, it is part of the fundamental knowledge that we have to acquire if we want to achieve a school graduate.

Until you finish high school you can not get rid of the famous math problems.

In the future, when you arrive at the University, your knowledge of mathematics will allow you to adopt a rigorous and synthetic spirit that will help you improve even the effectiveness of your memory.

What is the equation?

In mathematics, as in other subjects, you must be able to understand the meaning of the terms we use. Surely your teacher has already told you; Being able to retain the definition with the mathematical vocabulary used is essential if we want to progress in mathematics.

So, before you start doing a math equation, you have to know the definition.

These are the elements you have to understand to solve the equation:

It is an equality between two algebraic expressions

one or more unknowns must be cleared

one of the variables is called «x»

are useful for troubleshooting

When solving (and factoring) an equation, it does not matter whether it is a quadratic equation, an equation with a single unknown or a differential equation.

Solve a quadratic equation

Quadratic equations are very popular and commonly used in many areas.

These types of equations take the following form: (ax + b) (cx + d) = 0 in which X is always the unknown and, b, c and d are the fixed numbers that the exercise gives you.

The key to successfully solving the equations is learning the subject and practicing regularly.
So you will have to solve as many equations as there are factors.

I will never tire of repeating it: the best way to learn is by practicing.

This is an example of a quadratic equation with its solution.

(3 x + 4) × (2 x - 5) = 0

The two factors correspond to the two groups of equations in parentheses. So you have to solve both of them.


3 x + 4 = 0
3 x = -4
x = -4/3

2 x -5 = 0
2 x = 5
x = 5/2
This equation then has two solutions: -4/3 et 5/2. 

While this the basics, you could probably find complex examples. To verify your answers and speed up the entire process of learning, it is advisable that you use a Quadratic equation solver to verify results and get answers to complex equations easily. 

What you should know about equations

Equations and inequalities are the basis of arithmetic (which should not be confused with algebra) and are very important in solving many mathematical exercises.

There are many concepts that will follow you during your school and university life: trigonometric equations, the linear equations, the quadratic equations, equations with several unknowns ...

Concepts like calculating area, graphing, exponential functions, linear algebra, or probabilities can be useful throughout life and will provide you with faster cognitive reasoning.

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