What Charges You May Expect From Home Cleaning Services

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Do you want to use a house or office cleaning service but you don't know what budget to allocate to the service? Here are some indications regarding the prices of cleaning companies.

When to call on a cleaning company?

Companies, craftsmen, restaurateurs, communities, associations, or individuals can use a cleaning company to ensure the maintenance of houses, apartments, offices, or professional premises. It can be a one-off or regular mission.

Such companies offer services related to the cleaning and disinfection of premises. This includes:

- cleaning rooms in the house or apartment

- office disinfection

- cleaning and disinfection of warehouses or premises

- maintenance of stores and storefronts

The price of a cleaning company depends on the type of service and the duration of the mission. To get a precise price, it is best to request a quote online. Almost all cleaning service companies have contact-us or price page on their website.

Cleaning services usually set the price per hour. This rate varies according to different criteria:

- working hours

- the type of service

- the difficulty of the tasks

- the use of a specific device: shampooer, professional vacuum cleaner, scrubbers, carts, etc.

As an indication, the price of a cleaning company is between $20 and $50 or even up to $60 per hour.

For example, the price of office cleaning is $25 on average per hour, while window cleaning can reach $40 per hour for the exterior windows of buildings. This price may increase further if cleaning agents have to use a freight elevator to reach the windows and if the work is done at staggered hours.

Signing an annual contract or a one-off service?

Two possibilities are available to those who wish to call upon the expertise of a cleaning company.

The annual contract

For companies, signing a contract with a service provider is interesting both in terms of economy and organization. A written contract is then signed between the cleaning company and the client. It is advisable to define the services in the specifications which must specify:

The list of missions to be carried out

  • Time allocated for cleaning
  • Schedules
  • The agreed rate

This option allows them to choose a day and fixed times for cleaning. Many companies also choose to do the cleaning at night so as not to disturb the employees during working hours. They save in terms of cost because they no longer need to invest in a specific device which can then be expensive.

Ad hoc intervention

This option is the ideal solution for dealing with exceptional situations: moving, renovation, spring cleaning, or in the event of an epidemic like the coronavirus COVID 19 requiring total disinfection of the premises.

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