Want To Know The Biggest Fat Loss Weight Mistakes

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If you ask people working out at the gym what they hope to achieve with their workouts, I bet that the most frequent answer that you will get will be “I want to lose belly fat”. Most people at the gym are there to lose weight before they hit the beach, or in time for their high school reunion and whatnot, but what they seem to not know, is that even the best fat burning exercises aren’t enough for them to lose fat and weight fast unless they also adjust their diet a bit. In other words, the best way how to lose body fat is by going on a belly fat dietLinks to an external site. and by doing some of the so-called “best belly fat burner” workouts.

People seem to have no problem with working out really hard in order to lose belly fat fast, however they seem to have a lot of trouble with controlling their food intake. This is simply because most of us are addicted to junk food, such as sweets and hamburgers and the reason for that is simple: they taste great! Most of us seem unwilling to give up our favorite foods when we try to lose belly fat and weight. This leads to the biggest mistake one can make as far as losing belly fat and weight goes:

“Punishment workouts”

What is a punishment workout? Well, a lot of people simply can’t resist their favorite, fatty foods, so every now and then they will grab and devour a Big Mac or a dozen cupcakes, even though they know that they are ruining their diet and their attempts at losing belly fat and weight.

They do this because in their minds they have a simple solution for their little digression: they’ll burn the calories out tomorrow, by working out extra hard. In other words, they are sort of punishing themselves via workout, hence the term Punishment Workouts.

This, however, is wrong on many levels. First of all, the number of calories that most of those fatty “guilty pleasure” foods contain is incredibly hard to burn in one workout session, unless you intend to spend all your day in the gym running on the treadmill. So most people just add another half hour or a few reps to their workouts and they think that they are golden.

This means that the next time they come across their favorite fatty food, they will give into temptation again and they will repeat the above-flawed process, thinking that they have burned off the extra fat and calories and that everything is fine in their bodies.

This is a vicious circle that will lead to them actually gaining weight and fat instead of losing it and by the time they will realize that it will probably be too late and all their hard work will have gone to waste. So, what can you do to avoid this bad habit? Well, there are a couple of things:

Kiss your favorite fatty foods goodbye!

This might sound a bit extreme, but I bet that you can be without your favorite burger, cupcakes or ice cream for a couple of months, right? I am not saying that you should never eat them again, just not until you lose enough weight to leave the fat loss phase of your diet and pass into the maintenance phase. I don’t want to be cruel though, if you are absolutely, 100% sure that you can control yourself, you can have your favorite fatty food once or twice during the fat loss phase, but that will be it! Good things come to those who wait, as the old saying goes.

Intensify your exercise routines

By intensifying your exercise routines, you will burn fat faster, which means that you will lose faster and you will get out of the weight loss faster. For that, you can follow this 10 week workout planLinks to an external site., developed by change in seconds, one of the most popular health-related blogs. In other words, the faster you lose your desired amount of weight, the faster you will be able to enjoy your favorite “guilty” foods again.

If you like jogging, for example, start running; join some races if there are any in your area and race to win. This will make your jogging workout a lot more effective and the best belly fat burner in your arsenal.

Believe it or not, one bad habit is enough to sabotage your fast weight loss workouts and overall efforts. Don’t let that happen!

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