Online Casinos, A Growing Trend In Canada

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The companies that offer online casino games in Canada are managing to attract more customers every day in the young segments of the population

The network of networks has opened a wide range of entertainment options, an issue that is less and less face-to-face and more digital, and gaming companies are the ones that are most influencing the change inhabits. We are immersed in the so-called digital age, which is having a huge impact on numerous economic sectors. It is an internet migration process started two decades ago in which companies that want to survive have to adapt, and for this they have no choice but to launch their products and services online.

A good example of adaptation is the companies that offer online casino games in Canada, which are managing to attract more customers every day in the young segments of the population and are making the profile of the casino player far from being what it was twenty years ago. or thirty years. If it was a 45-year-old man then, today it still is... but his age is between 18 and 45. 

According to data provided by the gambling authorities, the entity that regulates and supervises the gaming industry in Canada, the casino player today cultivates his fondness for the internet instead of brick and cement casinos. In 85% of cases it is a man under 45 who plays online an average of $500 a year, while women bet an average of just over $100 a year.

In relation to monthly active users - those who bet on the internet at least once a month - the figure is close to 1.4 million in Canada. Although more than 50% of them place sports bets, the number of those who choose to play online casino is growing faster and currently represents more than 30% of the total. The growth of this segment is such that there are already more websites that offer casino games than those that offer sports betting, and new online casinos are constantly emerging in Canada.

Playing internet casino carries certain risks

Despite the fact that the online segment has been well regulated in the country since the last Gambling Law,, gambling online carries risks that must be avoided. Although the law has provided a guarantee for the Canadian player, since today most of the casino websites that operate in the country are regulated and operate legally, there are still companies that offer online casino games, bypassing the law and escaping control from the authorities.

That is why it is so important to have the certainty of playing on secure casino websites that have a license to operate on the internet because those are the ones that offer the necessary security guarantees. In this regard, you can always use support tools such as Casinoclaw (, a portal where you have free access hand-picked online casinos that operate in Canada in accordance with the law and in possession of their corresponding license.

Another danger is the access of minors to casino web pages. Fortunately, those that legally operate put in place verification processes to ensure that only people over the age of 18 make use of their products and services. By doing so, the risk of gambling addiction is also mitigated, as starting in online gambling at too young an age is the perfect breeding ground for dragging addiction problems into maturity.

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