LAN messenger: How to Create Better Team Communication

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Working in a team can bring out the best or worst in you. Team projects are often handled by two or more people. It can take three or even more than 10 people working on a particular project. The number of members in a team project will depend on the nature and requirement of particular and overall tasks and deliverables.

To make sure that you are on the same page with your team and in tune with them on how to get the work done, team communication and collaboration is important.

A team environment needs a reliable, fast, and simple means of communication. Chat and messaging apps like LAN messenger are often used in team projects. Through chat and messaging apps, team members can easily share ideas, monitor tasks and implement individual and team assignments.

There are many available free and paid chat and messaging apps for team projects.

Aside from messaging, apps for team projects and collaboration can also make use of other productivity functions such as task managers, note taking and file sharing.

Chat and messaging apps and software for team projects should have a project management interface, should allow multiple users at the same time and should have a decent storage space.

Choosing the right messaging tools for your team projects can save you time, effort and resources.

Why Do You Need To Keep Office Communications Secure

Work emails and correspondence, especially those exchanged using corporate emails and servers, often contain sensitive, work-related information. If we want to be assured that all our office communications are secure, we must first have secure means of inter-office communication.

Case in point is the choice of instant messaging application that we use in the office. Personal instant messaging apps like YM or Skype are suitable for maintaining personal communications but might lack the necessary security required by often confidential office correspondences. Desktop IM clients are effective tools used for conducting office communication.

But since we know that instant messaging apps are prone to vulnerabilities and exploits like account hijacking and eavesdropping, it would be best if we choose a reliable and secure instant messaging service for office or corporate use.

Corporate instant messaging systems often communicate through a central server that can be configured with the office firewalls, making office communications more secure.

Your choice of office instant messaging service should be able to: 1) scan instant messaging file transfers for viruses 2) have varying permissions on peer-to-peer messaging and 3) can be configured to either block file transfers or allow such transfers only from specific users.


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