Youtube Videos Online Download - The Ultimate Guide

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Downloading YouTube videos and music to be accessed offline can prove to be a daunting challenge. YouTube does not permit users to download content files directly into their devices. So, the best way you can get your favourite videos and music files from YouTube is by using a downloader app or online platform. 

These sources must be efficient and reliable. They also must maintain copyright laws in order to stay functional. One good feature of these platforms is that they allow you to download your choice files into any format you wish to. And also, most of these platforms are free to use. Some of these platforms include:


Provided you have a reliable internet connection, Bitdownloader will download your YouTube videos and music before you can say, “Jack Robinson.” This online-based platform has been designed to function on popular OS like Windows, macOS, and Android. 

One unique feature of this platform is that it lets you download your content files from other websites, not just YouTube. This means that you can also download your favorite videos from Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

Bitdownloader downloads your files on so many supported formats, and it also downloads the files at high quality. It is a safe site to use and requires no registration process whatsoever.

Addoncrop YouTube Video Downloader

Addoncrop has helped to make downloading of YouTube videos and music fast and easy. This site is proven to be efficient and reliable and has recorded over 7 million successful downloads.

This platform helps you to download YouTube videos in high-quality displays and in different supported formats. All you need do is install the software on your device and then start using it for your YouTube downloads. One added feature to this wonderful platform is that it allows you to capture screenshot of your videos at high quality too. is another incredible online-based platform that helps you to download high-quality YouTube videos and music. It does not require any registration process or sign-up fee for you to complete your task.

This platform is very simple to use, and it gets your choice files downloaded in fast, easy steps. also lets you download files in different supported formats like mp4, Flv, Ogg, Avi, mp3, MOV, etc. The format of each file downloaded does not alter its quality in any way. The platform is supported on various browsers and on several operating systems too. is one platform that is widely known for delivering high-quality YouTube videos and music into your devices. This downloading platform helps users to legally access various YouTube videos and music. It is also one of the fastest and most reliable YouTube downloaders one can find.

Although requires a registration process, you are sure to get your money’s worth from the use of the platform. You can also download any document file from anywhere on the internet too. This platform is so unique that it also gives you a chance to edit your videos, audio editor and documents.


This is another powerful software tool that can be used to successfully download YouTube videos and music without stress. You would need to install the latest version of the software on your device. The software is supported on Microsoft Windows, macOS, etc.

This application software allows users to download YouTube videos in a very high-quality display. They also support a wide range of downloading formats like mp4, Avi, Flv, mp3, etc. Freemake also gives users access to download content from about 10,000 websites. Amazing, right? This makes them stand out as one of the best YouTube download platforms. Another key feature of this YouTube file downloader is that it is free.

4k Video Downloader

This is arguably one of the best YouTube files downloading platform there is. There are so many unique qualities of this application that gives it an edge over other platforms. One of the standout features of this wonderful platform is that it allows you to download 3D videos.

You can also extract YouTube subtitle files and save them in SRT format too. You can download your YouTube files in any supported file format and at high speed. 4k video downloader is application software that needs to be installed to your device before use, and it is free.


All these wonderful platforms have helped to ease the stress of downloading YouTube content. And the beauty of it is that you can download high-quality files and in any supported format.

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