future and past incidents of fakes passing the Stockx authentication

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Take a moment and read my review.
It's a ESSAY

Really gotta see it from a birds eye view.
Fakes or authentic matters in certain instances.

Like with how hype it is getting anything in the hypebeast market is and how they do the releases with certain shoes it makes it difficult to cop a real pair.

When it's mainly supply and demand and they ship out low supplies on purpose to vendors (retail stores etc.) to increase the demand JORDANSHOESCHEAP4SALE.

Then I'm not paying crazy resell prices because at the end of the day it's a shoe or shoes if you collect them like that.

I work a job and go to school so I have student loans, a car note, and everything else related to the matters to pay. So basically I have a limited supply of money to spend on kicks.

Compared to someone who more financial capabilities and realistically free time to cop retail pairs.

Like seriously y'all really out here waiting on the internet until release time, refreshing carts, BOTS and all that crazy stuff to get pairs. I literally can't do that no time to do so.

So basically getting a retail pair for me is a slight chance unless it's sitting on the shelf or someone selling it near retail somewhere.

The main shoes I'm referring to is Jordan and Nike.The color ways and models that sell quick and maybe occasionally some yeezys 350 Boost which are nearly impossible for myself to cop.

Which brings me to my next topic. I'll make it short and quick since I already wrote a essay.

Me personally I don't care for Replica or Fake shoes or clothing. I'll buy it and wear it no problem. I'll explain.

When I refer to Replica stuff that I BUY I'm meaning 1:1 and UA shoes closet to retail IF NOT THE SAME.

we aren't talking about AAA+ quality the fakes that obviously stands out and looks fake.
If I'm going to buy Replica it has to be as close to the original red velvet shoes jordans.

The quality and price I pay for my Replica items. Isn't in resell range of a "Authentic" or dirt cheap. It's mainly fair priced average maybe a lil bit under retail in the United States since stores charge sales tax.

I buy most of my stuff through a Vietnamese agent located near Shenzhen in China.

which me and my best friend Skype and video chat with her and see has stores she contacts in her area and they tell us what they have and don't have. Mainly we look for shoes.

At first when we first bought through her (little skeptical honestly)

She asked us what quality we wanted and I was totally ignorant about the matter. Me and my friend are confused. So she explained

Basically there's different qualities that different vendors have. Basically the vendors hidden in the big buildings in China that sell all type of stuff are like flea markets basically that have the SUPER low quality of what you want.

Similar to what you guys get when you buy from AliExpress, DHGATE, WISH, and the list goes on.Then you complain about the quality.

For example: Dumbass (x) buys a pair of 50$ obviously Replica 350 Boost from one of those type apps or sites. That he knows are fake or that he's thinks are real or he just got a good deal. You guys see him with the fakes that stand out and you call him out. Or whatever

BECAUSE THEY are low quality and they have flaws that stand out. If maybe dumbass (x) put highest price to low price first he maybe would of got a higher quality pair at a higher price that maybe wouldn't stand out as much. But are still fake up close.

Then you have the Actual Japanese contracted Factories with workers and that mostly make the shoe by hand that ship what we call the "retail pairs" to the United States for them to tax and sale for more. They also ship to the actual malls and sneaker/clothing stores in China that sell it how we sell it retail in USA.

They make mistakes on some of the clothes and shoes they make because it's usually by hand. And those pairs are set aside because they have flaws or some are even sent back due to customs or them not passing Quality control.

For the most minor mistakes. China has a high standard when it comes to the products they export to our stores. Basically what was all explained to us in English in a 2 hour video chat with very good fluent English communication.

Like I said I don't mind fakes or replicas. As long as it's not like super obvious that it's fake. 1:1 or UA only for me.

Which is damn near identical to whatever I buy and compared to the ones my other friend(s) get from retail and we compare them. Flaws are minimal.

We are going to start doing hauls of the stuff we buy and try our best to get a authentic one to compare and post videos.

Because the quality is so close they opted to stop waiting for release dates and buying from the store because they feel dumb for paying crazy resell for whatever they got and I can get it for a little less than USA retail and it's crazy.

Because I was that dude too. "Nah would never would wear fake stuff" type of ego. But once I researched it and got into it. It changed my perspective.

My conclusion:
if I can't get a retail pair for the retail price or maybe a lil over from a common sense person just selling it and not a money hungry brain dead reseller that's fine.

But if not I'll do my research and find a "fake version" or "Replica" and pay the difference between it and the retail. Which is going to look 1:1 with the original due to the quality I get through my agent.

I tell her I want the "highest level of quality if possible" and she connects me through her sources by translating and negotiating on my behalf. She warns some may have minor flaws due to mass productivity on the assembly line(s) at certain times and seasons depending on what it is.

And I'm ok with that since I'm just wearing it casually. Not flexing in it. Or trying to sell it as authentic or retail. Like that's just my 2 cents.


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