Improve Your Video Calls Presence

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Before the outbreak of the COVID-19, many people used to work-from-home. This is not a new concept though many organizations are now running their business remotely. Communication in this digital world is very easy and you may get connect from anywhere to anywhere at any time. Now the outbreak has turned mostly office and employees to follow work-from-home-ethics. Video conferencing is the new mean through which one can have a brainstorming session, staff meetings, discussions etc.

Your presence in this digital world is seen through the what is seen in the screen and what is being heard from the speaker or loudspeaker.

1.  Make sure your space is “video conference” ready

If you really want people to pay attention at your message instead of watching busy street out of window or program running on the television behind your back, then always remember, whenever you join a meeting, always keep in mind that other participants are going to watch you as well as your surroundings. So always place yourself against a clear wall and keep all cluttered and distractions away from the frame of the video. Neutral colours are best for the background.

2.  Make yourself ready for Video Conference

Always wear a decent dress before going into a professional meeting. Have a look into the mirror before joining any video call as you would have done before leaving for the office. Comb your hairs well, dress well. Always avoid strapless top or deep-V neck. Make sure you are not wearing any reflective jewellery.

3.  Use of good camera and right Camera Position

Use of a good quality camera is very important. It should be of good quality so that image to the other participants is very clear. Always position your camera at the eye level with an appropriate angle. Do not position it too low and too high, as inappropriate angles could be a huge distraction.

Also, make sure

4.  Good Lighting

Always make arrangement for good lighting. Use of natural lights from windows or you-facing lighting is the best option. You may use an extra light by placing your extra light source behind your laptop/camera.

5.  Microphone test (Use of external Microphone)

Always test your microphone before you join your video call. Always check for echoes, and noises, disturbances. Your voice should be crystal clear so that you may pass on your message to everyone effectively and with clarity and appropriate volume.

6.  Introduce yourself first and maintain your voice

If you are in a group video call, always introduce yourself before speaking. It could be very short like, “Hi, I’m John, I have a question.” You should always be louder than usual with a clear voice and audible to everyone.

7.  Make eye contact

Eye contact here simply means that you have to focus on your camera and not on your screen while you are speaking out something. It is a bit challenging to focus on camera instead of your colleague as we are trained to look into the eyes of the person to whom we are communicating. But looking into the camera will actually increase your impact at voice message.

8. Background

If ever your background is not suitable for the video call then always use the virtual background. Custom professional background may increase your presence in the meeting. The background should be a professional background.


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