Top Profiles of Government Jobs after MBA

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Have you finished your MBA and feel confused about approaching a government occupation? Well, that's okay. Most of us have been troubling our minds to figure out an answer to this question.

MBA or Master in Business Administration is one of the most common courses among students. The two year Master's degree is available to all applicants irrespective of their previous educational history. Some of the students get confused about what to do after the MBA. Even if they are sure about their fields, confusion is evident in deciding for government jobs.

The set of opportunities in the field of government jobs is different. The roles differ according to the hierarchy, sets of challenges, and much more. Every sector has its pros and cons.

After graduation, many students aspire to PSU jobs or government jobs. The main reason for selecting government jobs as a productive career choice is better compensation and workplace protection. Other benefits associated with government work are higher salaries, work hours, health facilities, transfer around different regions. There are endless factors related to government jobs, but let's explore this article before we dig deep into it.

This paper provides an in-depth insight into how to get a government job after the completion of an MBA degree.

Top Central/State Govt. Jobs / PSU Jobs after your MBA

A government job is a highly profitable way to settle your career. Here are the top five government jobs that MBA graduates can consider.

Personnel Officer in Bank

The Personnel Officer at a bank is responsible for the activities related to human resources. An employee can work in the field of staff assignment or transfer, training programs, performance design, exercise promotion, retirement benefits payment, and supervision of staff performance. You have to ensure that the HR department runs smoothly.

For the recruitment process for staff officers, the applicants have to appear in a competitive examination organized at a national level. Some banks take the IBPS score as SBI banks provide their analysis. Moreover, a post graduation is necessary in the areas of personal management, human resources, industrial relations, social security, labor law, and social work.

Marketing Officer in Bank

There are tremendous growth and competition in the banking sector. The marketing officer is responsible for designing marketing plans for the welfares of the bank. The marketing manager's duties may include collaboration with ad agencies, product advertising for retail, the management of social media, marketing campaigns, and everything else.

The recruiting process is the same as for the staff officer above. The marketing officer is subject to MBA marketing criteria. Eligible also includes the PGDBA and PGDBM.

Manager Trainee Position

The applicants may also apply for an apprenticeship manager. A managerial trainee is an individual who practices management services and administration. For the appropriate entrance test, candidates applying for this position must participate in it. Fertilizers and Chemicals Travancore Limited, National project development corporation Limited, Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited, Dredging Corporation of India Limited are some of the government organizations recruiting candidates for this job.

Additional Program Officer in Different Agencies

It is primarily a program execution that is carried out by the Program Officer. The work description includes program work, oversight of staff activities in the program, monitoring of program progress, and carrying out program activities. The aspects are focused and controlled.

The requirement method is based on all merits; however, other PSUs may conduct their research. It is an MBA requirement; however, other PG students may also be qualified to participate in that category.

Both PSUs deliver a much smaller number of vacancies. In a year, it can be less than 50 jobs.

General Manager Post

As its name suggests, a general manager is responsible for managing the profit or loss statement's sales and cost elements. Several organizations appoint candidates for the role of general manager - The Nation Small Industries Corporation Ltd, Odisha Mining Corporation OMC, State Trading Corporation of India, National Dairy Development Board, BSNL, and IFCI Ltd, Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML), etc.

Significant factors to take into consideration government jobs after MBA

Work scenario entry-level

After MBA, both central and state governments have many entry-level jobs. We should also be expecting a high entry-level wage because most companies are seeking experience in their fields. Rather than looking at the salary, the candidate should consider learning at their new job. It is necessary to gain experience as a fresher and then look for other opportunities.

Growth in career

In the government sector, job growth is quite prominent. Indeed, the struggle is intense to achieve promotions and grow as an individual, but the result can be fruitful. With an abundance of facilities associated with government jobs, job security, and growth go hand in hand.


The competition in the government sector is quite intense. It is often said that job growth in this sector is surplus, but it varies with an individual's efforts and hard work. Government employees who casually handle their work might not be safe in the job. The government is looking for applicants suitable according to required skillsets, work descriptions, and projects. Many government departments are also partnering with private-sector firms in their programs.


Government employees have several advantages associated with health, travel, job security, and much more. These benefits develop with time, designation, and hard work. One of the significant advantages which people usually like about government sectors is receiving a pension. The planned economic structure has become a necessity in today's time. From holidays to salaries, the government sector ensures surplus facilities to their employees.

Bottom lines

Before applying, all MBA graduates should be aware of the necessary things related to government jobs. Applicants who are confident that they will apply for the government jobs can examine the various vacancies at the government organization. They must also perform well and gets a good score in the Sarkari results admission test to be chosen for their preferred profile.

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