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Besides having quality time with the family to spend holidays, try something new! If you are a book lover then you can spend your quality time reading the most wanted rare crime fiction books.

There is nothing better than reading the most wanted rare crime fiction books or detective novels as keep turning pages too late at night. But it is quite hard to find the best rare crime fiction books from all rare detective or crime books available across the globe. Here are some of the best rare detective books with which you will love to spend your holidays.

Price: 8,500 GBP

For many years Thrilling Stories Of The Railway (1912) has become the most wanted book for book lovers who love to gather vintage detective fiction books. The first edition of this book is the rarest one. What makes this book exceptional is the story of the book. This book is counted in Queen’s Quorum, a list of noteworthy books containing the best short detective stories. The story of the book is remarkable for various reasons, but the primary reason among all is that what Ellery Queen likes to call "the first of the specialty detectives".

[HAYWARD, William Stephens (attributed)] - THE EXPERIENCES OF A LADY DETECTIVE.
Price: 3,250 GBP

The story “THE EXPERIENCES OF A LADY DETECTIVE” made it famous as it includes a female detective. On the front cover of the page, it is shown that a lady is smoking in the late nineteenth century which was considered a brave and modern thing for a lady at that time. She was a widow, who was financially weak as her husband did not leave behind anything to support her financially. She supported her livelihood through various detective works. This is a lot racier female detective is anyway similarly innovative, intuitive, and shrewd with a revolver in her hand solving different cases of mysteries.

Price: 9,500 GBP

“The Red House Mystery” is a phenomenal story of how Anthony Gillingham cheerfully solves the riddle leading the long expanding line of the diverting sleuths who gave another and reviving inclination to the world of fictional crime. 'What fun Here's a body ' expresses the style, yet this is the dream with its mindblowing dialogues having some excellent scenes from the night-life of the ‘twenties and credible characters, hold the reader until the final page is turned’. Raymond Chandler was less energetic about the work, broadly analyzing it with a forensic severity in this story.

No matter whether you are in search of a delicate detective story or chilling sequential killers or books based on the real-life story of some geniuses, we have brought all for you in just a single bucket! So, this is our crime fiction rare books list at ShaperoLinks to an external site.. Get online and type on your search engines to get access to this rarest book right now! You will get rare crime fiction books at an unbelievable price compared to other booksellers. Best of luck!

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