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Of course, the email option looks better. Quick response, quick contracts and fast sales add points to the email option. Let us deepen the reason why the rapid reform of the big sales situation has not been and cannot be successful.

Here's what an email explosion company doesn't want.

The email company has no investment worth 250,000. The amount is often close to $ 20,000. The big difference was only possible with cheap and deceptive tricks. He only had 8 to 12 sales and since then all his profits. Looks like: "How to get rich quick 101".

There are two framework programs that a company needs. These two easy-to-receive programs are a bulk email compiler with fast email capability and an email extractor program. A high quality outgoing email program can be obtained online for the price of $ 5,495.00. High Email Extractor is different, but it costs much less. Finally, private SMTP hosting servers are purchased. These items try to avoid disposal.

The company advertises a fake email bombing list as a list of selected insurance agents. The truth is that 100,000 insurance agents are not ready to receive your report. Instead, it consists of 10,000 to 14,000 licensed insurance agents with not all types of licenses to receive orders. The remainder includes the email addresses of insurance companies, insurance company employees, property and casualty agencies, insurance officers, insurance program companies and their employees, insurance magazine members, insurance book sellers, and individuals that appear on any insurance-related website.

All of these names and email addresses deliberately and dishonestly attempt to be insurance agents.

For less than $ 500, you can create a similar "insurance agent" email list yourself. By searching the internet, you can buy two cheap "universal email programs", you can drop $ 199.95, get an email address taker, an email address spider, a mailing list remover, and then you can purchase a deactivation for 39.00. The dollar. The recipient's e-mail server uses an SMTP server to transfer without an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Also add $ 249.00 for two months of technical support. If you're ready to send spam through your ISP, or you're tracked, you'll expect a potential fine. The worst part is that it is possible to host your web host without notice and permanently delete your site overnight.

There are two alternative ways to remove an insurance agent's email.

The email extractor software, when properly programmed, will run around the clock, but it requires a lot of disk space. The first method involves using a domain name (site name). The term insurance is entered. The program immediately starts searching for all website URLs that contain word security. The program spider crawls every email address that searches the site, and if it requires it, it means that all related sites are looking for more email addresses. It is a computer program, not a reasonable human mind. You are the only one who believes that all existing email addresses belong to real and life insurance agents. The program will run non-stop until you decide that you have purchased enough emails.

Using the second method, search for search terms or phrases such as "insurance agent," then choose a search engine like Google. Google returns 7,000,000 matching pages (yes, this number is correct - check it). In order of ranking your sites, Google starts dragging all of your website email addresses. Like the other URL method, it uses the same extraction process. But this method starts with the top sites listed above. In the list of the 60 best sites in the Google Network, we found the largest insurance company offices, insurance companies and only 6 potential life agents / agencies. The percentage of life / health insurance email searches improved, but the accuracy was surprisingly low.

When an email list company has an "insurance agent" email list, it becomes obsolete. They just start the mining process again. And mother! A new e-mail list was created for the collective insurance agent, which was focused on high profits and e-mail blasting.

It is not uncommon for insurance agent recipients to collect emails every few weeks, providing hundreds of insurance advertisements. Some ISPs (MSN, AOL, etc.) automatically block any email using spam blocker words such as "free, click, click here". Other annoying agents add their blocked names, such as "insurance," "life," and "pension."

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