The Best Dry Erase Paint Tips and Tricks

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Are you looking for some of the best dry erase paint ideas to use in your home or office? Yes –that’s right. You can buy dry erase paint and create a whiteboard out of your wall! Think of it as chalkboard paint’s cooler, younger sibling. There are a variety of ways to use dry erase paint to make any space a place of colour, creativity, and organization. Today, we as a professional painter in Toronto will go over the very best dry erase paint ideas, the top-rated brands, and how to take care of your new whiteboard.


The Best Dry Erase Paint Ideas

The Kids’ Area: If you have kids, you’ll know that they love to colour. As a parent, you are happy that they express their creativity and you like to keep their doodles, but if they’re drawing on the wall, it’s usually a different story. Put an end to your frustrations and give the kids what they want: a wall to colour on. One of best dry erase paint ideas is to apply it in a child’s bedroom or a playroom. Whether you only paint a small section, a wall, or the entire room, your little ones will definitely make use of the fun whiteboard and cleaning up will be much easier for you.

The Kitchen: The kitchen is a room that every member of your family uses, and that makes it one of the best dry erase paint locations. Coat a section of the wall with dry erase paint and turn it into a weekly menu, a chore chart, a place to leave important messages, or all of the above. Your entire household – and your guests – will be sure to see this cool feature and pay attention to what’s been written down.

Your Office: Whether your office is at home or at work, dry erase paint can get the creative juice to start flowing and help you stay organized. Even with a small section of the room painted in this trending paint style, you will have space to keep track of notes, ideas, and your schedule. If you’re looking to renovate your company’s offices, the best dry erase paint concept is to transform your board and conference rooms so that everyone gets to see the benefits of this modern whiteboard.

Somewhere Other than the Walls: Who said that dry erase paint has to stay on the walls? Many of the available brands are able to coat just about any surface, so why not try it out? Consider painting a table, desk, door, or fridge. These are some of the best dry erase paint ideas that go above and beyond, but there are many more options. If you can think of it, you can probably turn it into a whiteboard.


The Best Dry Erase Paint Brands

There are many brands that offer dry erase paint, but which ones are the best? ReMARKable and IdeaPaint are the two big ones that started creating and marketing whiteboard paint, and they are certainly among the best dry erase paint brands on the market. Of course, paint brands that you are already familiar with also offer whiteboard paint, such as Rust-Oleum and Benjamin Moore’s Notable. One of the greatest things about all of these brands is that they come in both white and clear options, so that your whiteboard can easily blend in when not in use.  

As long as you stick to one of these brands, you are sure to have one of the best dry erase paint experiences. If you decide to go with a different company’s product, just remember to do your research before painting to know that it’s a good match and will meet your expectations.

The Best Dry Erase Paint Maintenance Tips

If you want to keep your new whiteboard in prime condition, then you’ll need to practice the best dry erase paint care tips. Luckily, there aren’t too many guidelines to follow and they are generally the same as those that come with a normal whiteboard.

Make sure that you always use appropriate markers. While some of the best dry erase paint brands we mentioned before may allow you to use any whiteboard markers and erasers, you may have to buy specifically approved brand names for others. You should also avoid leaving your creations on your whiteboard up for too long as this can make it more difficult to erase them later. You should know that you may be required to purchase a dry erase spray to aid in the process of removing your artwork and notes, as well. Simply read the instructions that come with your paint, and you shouldn’t run into any problems.

I can Give You the Best Dry Erase Paint Advices  

If you’re ready to have a contractor come and add whiteboard paint to your home or office, then go ahead and call one your local painters to come and do it for you. . We, at Royal Home Painters would be glad to help you out by offering you free advices. So check out our other blogs and let me know if you have any questions regarding this DIY project.

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