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PSD to angular conversion refers to the transformation of fully Photoshop documents into angular application or website. Many people want to convert the PSD to angular via some reliable company. We provide authentic and quick service. We have been serving our clients for many years. Their satisfaction is our success. We are the one who most recommended.

What makes us different?

Our experts do PSD to angular conversion. All these experts have been in this field for many years and have done hundreds of projects.

What makes us different is our quick service. Apart from this, we have offered the following facilities and services to our clients:

  • Quick and fast service
  • Seven days return
  • Authentic and no freelancing
  • Various methods of payment
  • Quick contact for a consultation
  • Trusted by most authentic companies

Apart from that, we most reliable methods to start your project; and you will have full feedback of your project.  Our diligent team is ready to analyze and complete your angular application.

PSD to Angular conversion

PSD files are converted into many things angular applications one of them. Many people being not expert make PSD files which serve as the raw material for the angular application. Further, these files shared with experts who design a new application using PSD designs and templates.

There may purpose behind the conversion, but one thing is clear that they are for the business purpose. Creating an application from PSD makes it quick to develop the angular application. It doesn't make it easy, because experts have to work very hard for one to two weeks. After that much hard work, they create an angular application.

Our reliable methods

It is our method that makes us different from others. Our methods for converting PDS into the angular application are reliable and authentic and include the intervention of clients.

Our method contains four phases: preparation, Angular development, Testing and GO live.

Preparation: In this first step, your sketches and PSD files analyzed, and roadmap created for angular development. Further, in this phase, the diligent team is chosen for the project.

Angular development: In this conversion from PSD to angular application starts. We keep contact with the client for any modification or change. Further, their suggestions and ideas executed.

Testing: In this phase, three types of tests carried out. The first test is a manual. The second test contains a writing test, which is mandatory, and the E2E test also carried out. The third test is a regression test which serves as the last test.

Go live: This phase is the last. In this phase, your application is tested and prepared for the launch. After passing this phase, your application is ready to be used by your clients and users.

Concluding remarks

Our website is the best website for the conversion of PSD to angular application. We work with quick and diligent teams, and reliable methods employed for the surety of best application. We have a lot of satisfied customers.

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